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12 January 2004

Arts host says BBC should share licence fee with any pretentious idiot who would like some free money for tat.

Of all people, Melvyn Bragg should know better. You’d think.

But anyone who believes that television would improve if the BBC took adverts and the licence fee was distributed to ‘worthy causes’ in broadcasting is evidently a fool.

After all, are arts programmes the only thing the BBC should do well? If not, then they obviously need the licence fee. If they are the only thing the BBC should be bothered about (and we assume that Bragg isn’t being selfish as well as extremely pompous) then perhaps Bragg would be better off arguing for channels like Artsworld to have Arts Council funding, rather than being an expensive ghetto for the middle classes.

Unless, of course, Bragg wants the BBC turned into both a populist nightmare and an arts ghetto at the same time?

Perhaps he wants to eat his cake and have it? Or maybe he wants to engage his brain before he speaks?

Either would do.

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