A crime by any other name would still smell of… 

5 January 2004 tbs.pm/743

Financial Times report on the blandname ‘ITV’

It seems, although it’s barely believeable, that the brandname ‘ITV’ has monetary value.

The FT reports, from that curiously-isolated high-money perspective that it has, that the 3 companies still outside of the cruddy ITV plc project are unhappy that the blandname ‘ITV’ has been co-opted by the London-based, London-run, London-dominated, London-obsessed Granada and Carlton.

But, all is not lost. There is a happy ending for the vast majority of us who own shares in ITV plc… oh, sorry, the vast majority of shareholders in ITV plc – a shareholding democracy being nothing but a series of rotten boroughs, of course.

If you were busy worrying, for any reason, that the blandname ‘ITV’ was in for a rough ride, calm yourselves. For Granada and Carlton have the key: they’ll simply buy off the opposition.

And, to think, if any of us tried that type of game, we’d be guilty of bribery. Isn’t a market economy just dandy.

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