WorldNetDaily: unbiased news for the fourth reich 

30 December 2003

Lies, half-truths and utter bollocks about the BBC from an American ‘news source’.

Least said, soonest mended on this one. But the fact that Google News is drawing on this as a ‘source’ is disturbing – why, Google, why?

If this shamelessly warmongering and biased article masquerading as news doesn’t thrill you, this virtual toilet paper also offers a special offer on a seminar on the return of Jesus, an exclusive on a new book with all of Dubya’s godbothering speeches combined into one easy-to-ignore book and, oh, for good measure: if you exercise your right as a woman to control your own reproductive system rather than be dictated to by a bloke who thinks all women are whores who should be chained to the kitchen sink, you risk cerebral palsy.

As Voltaire should have put it: Sir, I do not share your views, but I shall fight to the last for your right to be a complete bunch of arseholes.

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