Sunny Belgium 

18 November 2003

VRT website

A trip tomorrow to Belgium causes me, somewhat sadly, to have a poke around for what I could watch on TV whilst I’m there.

Of course, British television is now so heartachingly awful that I watch a grand total of about an hour a week, and dire continental television is unlikely to increase this figure.

But one would hate to not drop in on foriegn television whilst you’re there, for research purposes anyway, so off to VRT’s website in English for more information.

But who’d have guessed it: UK marketing b*llocks has spread to the flatlands. TV1 is warm, welcoming, high-spirited and varied, but it is also intelligent, of high-quality and Flemish. Oh, good. Canvas is a maverick in medialand. Even its name reflects innovation: Canvas is a fabric upon which everything is possible, on which programme formats can be tried out which are unthinkable elsewhere. Oh, er, fab.

So the forthcoming week away for me will be well spent… avoiding Belgian television as avidly as I try to avoid the British and American muck.

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