LogofreeTV self-destructs? 

28 October 2003 tbs.pm/796

Strange testpage

A search on Google for Transdiffusion brings up a new look for LogofreeTV.

This site, which started out with the admirable aim of campaigning against the various screen furniture now imposed upon us by nervous broadcasters who don’t believe in their own output, has extended into campaigning against the licence fee (because that will improve television) and into other no doubt accidental knee-jerk campaigning.

This is a shame, because they were having some success with the original petition and ‘name and shame’ policy; but extending outward into other areas makes them sound like the Daily Mail of television websites – an area I’m sure they’ve blundered into by mistake and can’t be blamed for at all.

Their policy of accidentally all-but claiming articles on other sites as their own has not won them any friends (I don’t particularly enjoy the sight of my own name on the frontpage without a Transdiffusion credit) but this new look is disturbing.

If we did want to support them (and the Logofree part is worth supporting, even if other points they’ve accidentally included make your skin crawl), would the introduction of a splash screen and a massive animation on the front page encourage us?

Is there a link between antisocial television behaviour and antisocial web behaviour?

Or is there a difference I haven’t appreciated?

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