Regional? Regional? 

8 October 2003

So, the decline and fall of ITV is complete. What does a 20-year-old Australian care about the Granada-Carlton merger? Well, you’ll have to wait for a future article!

Unlike most of the Transdiffusion staff, I have hardly ever seen ITV. Only just enough of it on holidays to the United Kingdom in the days of LWT, Central, and so on…

But as bad as the new Carlton-Granada empire will get (oh yes, it will get worse), at least British television viewers will continue to enjoy, dare I say it, some of the best television in the world, (after all, you didn’t see it on ITV after 1993!) which isn’t seen in certain places in the world.

Meanwhile, I was interested to read that Meridian announced on Tuesday that is considering closing down its Maidstone news studio to centralise its regional news operations if the merger between parent company Granada and Carlton went ahead (and of course, it has).

Why was I interested? Well, in Australia…Channel Ten’s news for Adelaide is produced and broadcasted in Melbourne – only some 500 miles away from Adelaide…

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