Sky News Ireland 

5 October 2003

Press release

Sky News are to launch a 9pm news programme targetted at the Republic of Ireland, to go out on the pre-existing version of Sky News with RoI adverts, I’d assume (though a 30-minute daily round-up of news from an Irish perspective for the UK would be great in my opinion, but probably a little esoteric for most of the viewers of Sky’s middle-of-the-road news service).

It’s nice to see Sky finally noticing that it serves (at least) two countries (beyond differing advert breaks), though they remain blissfully ignorant of the others [Note to Mr Murdoch Jnr: the UK is bigger than just England. And England is bigger than just London. Look at a map – it’s so big, you might like to plan a whole day there sometime]

Sky rounds of this press release with the following:

Valued for fairness, balance and journalistic objectivity by both viewers and regulators, the channel has also earned a reputation for the speed of its coverage and flexibility in reporting live news.

I like this a lot. This is very high quality pap. I hope they’re paying the publicity company lots of money for this type of noodles.

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