Here’s Johnny! 

30 September 2003

After 17 years, Chris Tarrant is leaving Capital FM’s breakfast show in Spring 2004. His replacement? Johnny Vaughan. Why? Well according to the press release, "He’s modern, he’s down to earth, he’s funny and spontaneous and most importantly a real London guy"… whatever that means. I’ve lived in London for four years and I don’t know what a real London guy is.

Press release gibberish aside, this is an extremely important move for Capital, who have had no one to fit into Chris Tarrant’s shoes. Whoever did it will loose listeners – taking a well established presenter off a show will see the punters desert in droves regardless of who takes over. For Capital, who have been facing increasing pressure from stations like Heart, it’s crunch time. No surprises then that at this difficult time, they’ve gone for someone seen to be a ratings banker. But the proof will be in the bowl of cereal…

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