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23 September 2003 tbs.pm/829


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ITV1 REFRESHES ON-AIR LOOK not that it was stale or ill-thought-out or anything

ITV1 is to refresh the channel?s on-air branding package to coincide with the new Autumn programming season. ITV1 introduced its new on-air look with a unified ITV1 brand just under a year ago and the new work develops the original design and concept. I love this, bland, assertion that the new look is something to either celebrate or remind us of. Bearing in mind that it accompanied a disastrous fall in advertising revenue and was widely derided inside and outside the industry, it sounds like Carlton Corporate Affairs are whistling in the wind.

Bruce Dunlop & Associates (BD&A) have worked extensively on the packaging of the complete on-air environment, whilst ITV?s in-house Network Promotions Unit has produced new celebrity idents. Oh good – the cheap look is to be maintained, plus the celebrity idents that draw attention to the fact that you’ve never heard of the ITV1 ‘celebrities’ are to be refreshed.

The new idents have been filmed on three specially read ‘cheaply’ created sets made in ITV?s signature blue and yellow colours. Signature? Says who? Over 60 new versions oh good god of the idents have been shot featuring some of ITV1?s biggest names this should be a laugh including Chris Tarrant, er, Tiswas, WWTBAM and Capital FM Martin Kemp, EastEnders from the BBC, no? Katie Derham, newsreading fluff, I think? Cat Deeley, no, totally lost Brenda Blethyn, C4’s sitcom Chance in a Million and films – but ITV? Or is this someone else? Ant and Dec ah! from Bo’ Selecta – one of them gets buggered by an object weekly. Is ITV the object? How strangely true. and Simon Cowell. Now here’s a name I should no doubt know, but I don’t read the Sun.

The update of the rest of ITV1?s on-air package, much needed which includes end credit promotions, exciting and new and different and guarenteeing that most people will turn over during the titles break bumpers, break flashes, I assume there’s either a difference or a 14 year old wrote this promotion packaging replacing the programmes entirely? and menu layouts, menus? I though we didn’t need them anymore, now television is so wonderful. Unless they mean those now-and-next redundancies uses the four-block device which doesn’t match the logo more extensively is this possible? to tie the complete design together. Oh god.

Jim Hytner, oh god. Marketing and Commercial Director, ITV, [LIBELLOUS SO EDITED] said:

?We?re delighted you and… er, your mother? with how the new on-air look has been received here on the planet Flurgh ? all the feedback we?ve had from Gerry and Michael shows that viewers feel the channel has a more modern, fresh feel. and is no longer worth watching! This new work builds on the strengths oh, no, too cheap a shot of the original package and keeps our portfolio of idents up to date with ITV1?s current favourite faces.? Name them. All sixty. Starting now.

Matt Piper, senior designer at Bruce Dunlop & Associates created the new look for the complete on-air package. and will be punished later The idents were shot over three weeks minutes in London Westway Studios where? and Manchester Granada Studios how the mighty have fallen 1956-2003. Discuss. on Super 16 film. because we found some in the street. The director was Chaka Sobhani, er producer Paul Braithwaite, er director of photography Tim Green, er set designer Richard Hornsey. in his spare time again? They were telecined on Spirit at One Post Production by George Kyriacou.

For further information: don’t bother calling

Yvette Dore, ITV1 020 7843 8216 / 07887 682 909

Samantha Glynne, BD&A 020 74401070

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