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20 September 2003

Well, time to kick off MediaBlog in style.

Or not – since this Blog officially doesn’t go ‘live’ until Monday evening.

However, you can get a brief insight into my world just before an update: fraught. 22 September is the 4th birthday of Transdiffusion on the web (being founded in 1964, we pre-date the ‘net a tad. Actually, I think we even pre-dated JANET et al) and we – well, I – like to pull out the stops for a birthday bash.

That means a launch of a new EMC microsite where possible, seefour on this occassion, an all-too-infrequent edition of Transdiffusion News and a new TMC subsite, Television House – the widespread world of Rediffusion to follow up on the success of ABC at Large.

I’m lucky that TVH is out of my hands (thanks to fellow Staff Editor Richard G Elen – we do like our middle initials here) but the rest still has to be done.

And I’m, as usual, far behind schedule due to life, the universe and not getting up till gone midday. Worse, I foolishly embarked on a revamp of 7DAYS – which includes this humble Blog you’re not supposed to be reading yet – forgetting how many pages the damn site has. And that I’d picked this as my first experiment with CSS (and since I use FrontPage to do these these websites, you can imagine the learning curve involved in actually doing some coding for a change rather than just cleaning up generated code and pretending I know what I’m doing).

Anyhow, I’m wasting more time now writing this damn thing when I should be working hard on 7DAYS et all for the big birthday bash, so I’d better sign off.

Oh, entries here are meant to be a bit more newsy and a bit less whinging, and I hope to stick to that in future ;o)


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