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15 August 2001

At a time when we have too many choices but too few alternatives it’s not often that a radio station launches offering something completely and utterly new but AbracaDABra is aimed fairly and squarely at London’s (pre-school) children and their parents – “radio for all the family” – and I am very impressed indeed by their aims and values.

The mastermind behind the station is ex-Magpie presenter Susan Stranks. She and her team are clearly inspired by Children’s Hour and Children’s Favourites but are not wedded entirely to the past.

Their test transmissions inevitably included some Disney favourites including Randy Newman’s delightful “You’ve Got a Friend” from the Toy Story soundtrack.

AbracaDABra will be on the air for thirteen hours each day from 0600-1900, but only on DAB in London and, very disappointingly, only in mono.

As I say, I wish them all the luck. If they are able to remain true to their ideals they surely deserve to be a national station, not a local one.

Since this article was written, AbracaDABra has morphed into Fun Radio. The new station is a joint venture between GCap Media, HIT Entertainment, Susan Stranks and David Kingsley. The new station is available on several DAB multiplexes in the South of England.

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