Television at Earls Court 1955

15 May 2017

Your guide to the latest television designs on display at Earls Court in 1955

The plain man’s guide to the changeover to 625 line TV

24 April 2017

A 1963 guide to the options available for 625 lines, colour and ITV-2

The Tuning Signal, Test Card C, and Tracing Faults

17 April 2017

A 1963 discussion of how to use the tuning signal to get perfect 405-line VHF black and white pictures

Direct broadcasting by satellite

16 January 2017

The BBC in 1986 details what went wrong with the planned BBC/IBA satellite service

Teletext at Republica

24 May 2016

Dan Farrimond takes a trip to Republica in Berlin to experience a teletext block party

Cable ties

23 July 2015

1982: another report into cable television

Trade test travelogue

9 February 2015

A tour around the bits in between the testcards

Relay race

10 November 2014

Comparing VHF and UHF

How to use testcard F

18 August 2014

From 1967, the BBC gives instructions on how to use the new colour testcard

Welcome to Sky

11 August 2014

How Sky welcomed new analogue viewers in 1996

BBC Digital – April 1999

15 June 2014

What you can see from the BBC in the new, exciting world of digital television

Archive Retrieval: A New Hope?

26 October 2008

Extracting colour information from black and white video images is now possible

Whitehaven’s Digital Revolution

16 December 2007

First to go digital

Flat-screen chaos

27 March 2007

Professionals worse off than viewers

Supply-side Dilemma

1 December 2006

Broadcasting gear changes too fast – and support suffers

Patients and procedures

3 July 2006

An insight into Medical Photography & TV, 1966 to 1980

Discs or downloads?

29 June 2006

Do viewers and listeners care about technical quality? Yes and no.

Programmes in the Pod

3 June 2006

The impact of podcasting on the future of TV and radio

Freeview: The rise and rise

2 June 2005

Transferring the status quo

Earth & Sky

1 March 2005

Free satellite vs digital terrestrial. DTT wins


24 May 2004

We’ve arrived in the future we were always promised.

Technical school

24 May 2004

On being educated by television and radio


24 May 2004

Multiplexing doesn’t work

Teletext then… but now?

24 May 2004

The death of teletext

No compromise

24 May 2004

14:9 isn’t a compromise – it’s an easy way out

Booth broadcasting

18 May 2003

Television is shrinking

Overarching logic

1 February 2003

Widescreen television is the future. But it’s not the past

From Baird to MPEG

1 July 2001

A history of video

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