Plymouth Sound: radio on camera 

19 May 2024

Plymouth Sound ● First transmission: May 1975 ● Broadcasting on: 261m/1151kHz MF/96 VHF ● On air 06.00 to midnight


Plymouth Sound building

The public face Hele’s organ factory, now called, as a result of Plymouth Sound’s high speech programme content, “The Mouth Organ”.


From Radio Month for February 1980


Plymouth Sound is one of the smallest independent stations, and well-known for the high speech content of its programmes coupled with remarkably high reach in its area (up from 63 to 67 per cent in the 1979 JICRAR figures). The station’s chapel-like facade in fact housed an organ factory before radiomen moved in.


A woman at a reception desk

The public face Judy (Mistress of Serenity) Wyatt in control of the reception and foyer.


A man answers a telephone at a radio desk

Programme making Peter Greig (taking early morning calls at 06.30) on the Sunrise Sound programme, working from self-drive Studio 1.





A man operates electronic equipment on a desk

The technical side Above, Nick Johnson (described as King of the Plank and Monarch of Malibu) drives the Phone Forum programme from control room 2; and below, the station’s racks and MCR.

Racks and MCR





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