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Articles about Plymouth Sound

Plymouth Sound: radio on camera

Published 19 May 2024

A selection of behind-the-scenes photographs of the Plymouth ILR station

A small amount of sharing goes a long way

Published 16 May 2024

Programme sharing across ILR

Who does what in ILR?

Published 13 June 2022

A guide to Independent Local Radio in 1981

Selection of ILR areas and companies

Published 25 April 2022

A second tranche of Independent Local Radio stations could soon be approved by the government. How will they be chosen?

Plymouth Sound in 1979

Published 2 December 2017

Take a look at Plymouth Sound in Plymouth

Radio in Cornwall

Published 15 August 2001

The slow arrival of radio in the south west

A member of the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System
Liverpool, Tuesday 28 May 2024