Get your local election results fast, from your local station 

2 May 2024

Thames News Election Special

May 1981


“Get your local election results fast, from your local station” – says Andrew Gardner


“For your local election results on Thursday, join us at 11.00pm for a major Thames News Election Special.

We’re making a massive effort this Thursday to bring you the results as fast and as comprehensively as possible.

Based at the Thames News studio in London – the most up-to-date in Europe – the Thames News Election Special will cover the elections throughout our region

Graham Addicott and myself will follow the battle between Labour and Conservative for control of the Greater London Council. Meanwhile my colleagues Rita Carter and Roger Parry will keep you up to the minute with details of the contest for the seven counties surrounding London.

Our outside broadcast cameras will be on the spot to watch events in the key constituencies of the Thames area, and we’ll be getting informed views from senior politicians in the studio.

So if you want to know how the election is going in your area, and you want to know fast, tune in at 11.00pm for the Thames News Election Special.”


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