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25 July 2023 tbs.pm/79302

The North West Airway with over 100 world-wide destinations


The North West Airway with over 100 world-wide destinations.

There’s a new air of prosperity and rejuvenation in the North West region, the true potential of the area is finally being recognised.

For over thirty years, Granada T.V. have enjoyed taking the North West to the rest of the world, winning international acclaim and success. Our programmes are now sold to over 100 different countries world-wide.

Granada T.V., during the last three decades, has witnessed, reported and reflected the region’s changing character. As a company, Granada is one of the area’s many success stories. Our growth has taken us from our origins as one of Britain’s original ITV contractors, to world-wide recognition and acclaim.

The North West is one of the UK’s most diverse areas, which we constantly strive to reflect and provide for in our local programming, such as Celebration, which gives an insight into the wide spectrum of art in the region and Down to Earth, which deals with environmental issues as they affect the area.

Our award-winning Granada Reports news magazine is broadcast from Europe’s most advanced news room, based at the Albert Dock in Merseyside, which has computer links with our news centres in Manchester, Chester, Lancaster and London, together with our mobile news gathering units. Granada Reports not only provides local, national and international news coverage. it also gives an insight into life in the North West region.

Whilst enjoying global success, Granada remains committed to the North. Our ‘Flying Start’ programme has awarded over £750,000 in prize money to small firms, creating new jobs and investment in the area. We are currently spending over £10m in building, equipping and promoting Europe’s first ever Television Studios Tour.

During the last thirty years Granada programmes have won over 400 British and International awards and are sold to over 100 diferent countries in the world. Joint productions with overseas companies, combined with a firm commitment to encouraging independent production companies, ensure we maintain our high standards and quality to provide the best in drama, news and entertainment to local, national and international audiences, well into the 21st century.

The last three decades have seen great changes in the world of television. Granada have enjoyed instigating many of them, and we look forward to a future as exciting and innovative as the past, There are great times ahead for the whole of the North West region and we intend to remain at the forefront.


Manchester. The heart of our growing market.


Manchester. The heart of our growing market.

Manchester is not only a centre for tourism, it is also our centre; home to ‘the best television company in the world.’

It is the focus for our main production facilities and, as part of our regional network of TV news stations – co-ordinated by Europe’s most advanced electronic newsroom in Liverpool, and linked to studios in Manchester, Lancaster, Chester and London – it plays its part in providing the most comprehensive local TV news coverage.

Manchester is where we are currently investing some £10m in building, equipping and promoting Europe’s first ever TV studios tour.

And it is the city where our team of programme commissioning executives, in line with Granada’s commitment to independent producers, are actively pursuing a policy of opening up the airwaves and thereby creating new opportunities. All part of our plan to be at the forefront of change in the future of broadcasting.

Manchester is also a vital part of the vigorous new spirit that is abroad in the region, as epitomised by our New North conferences, seminars and exhibitions, as well as television programmes. As such, it is at the heart of a region growing in prosperity, one despite its acknowledged problems, and remains a rich market for our

Manchester. It’s where we first set up in business in 1956 and it still nurtures our regional, national and international enterprise.


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