Welcome to the exciting world of ONdigital 

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Welcome letter from ONdigital

Welcome to ONdigital. The enclosed pack shows you how to get the best out of all that your new ONdigital service has to offer. You’ll also find the latest edition of the ONdigital TV Guide which you will receive every month.

You will be receiving all available Primary channels for our introductory period of three months. At the end of this period if you wish to keep all your Primary channels you need do nothing and your monthly payment will increase by £2 per month. If you’d like to choose six Primary channels only we’ll need to know which ones they are. Don’t worry, we will write and remind you, before the end of the three months, giving you plenty of time to decide.

These are the channels you are currently enjoying:
All Available Primary Channels For 3 Months

Your first direct debit or credit card payment of £9.99 will take place approximately 10 days from the date of this letter. Your subsequent monthly payments will be made on the 4th of every month.

Your ONdigital box is free to you on loan for as long as you subscribe to our service as detailed in your customer service agreement. If you have any questions or concerns about your box, please contact us – we’re here to help.

We aim to make ONdigital easy and enjoyable for you. You can help us now by filling in our enclosed questionnaire. It will only take a few moments and you could win a fabulous new Sony digital TV.

Once again, many thanks for choosing ONdigital. If you have any questions you can call us on 0870 600 9696. We’ll be happy to help.

Yours sincerely

Gabrielle Simcocks

Director of Customer Marketing



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ONdigital customer agreement


Welcome to the exciting world of ONdigital.

ONdigital really is the simple way to enjoy digital TV.

Just plug-in your ONdigital box and you’re watching digital television at its finest.

You don’t need a dish or cable, because ONdigital comes through a normal aerial.

And, since ONdigital lets you pick and mix your Primary channels, you have freedom to create your choice to suit your family’s viewing needs.

ONdigital. What could be simpler?


Everything you need for complete peace of mind.

Complete this agreement and you will be entitled to:

  • Your choice of channels from ONdigital’s superb line-up.
  • Extra services, including interactive games and – coming soon – e-mail and Pay-per-View events and movies.
  • Monthly ONdigital TV Guide listing all the upcoming programmes you want to watch.
  • Access to Free-to-View channels, including ITV2, BBC CHOICE, BBC NEWS 24 and – coming soon – Digital Teletext.
  • FREE ONdigital box complete with remote control while you subscribe to ONdigital.
  • ONdigital Helpline to sort out any queries or questions quickly and courteously – just call our Customer Support team on 0870 600 9696.
  • Prompt replacement of box should it break down.


Read on to find out more about the great ONdigital services your monthly subscription will give you…


How do I sign up?

1. Check the coverage

Your retailer will check your address to help make sure you can receive ONdigital.

2. Select your channels

Your retailer will help you to choose your channels.

Begin by getting to know all the available channels, which are listed on pages 4-5.

Next, take a look at the selection of channel options with the relevant subscription costs on page 6.

Simply select your channel option and list your choice of channels where appropriate.

3. Complete the Customer Application form

Your retailer will help you to fill out your application form in the store.

Make your selection of Primary channels and indicate which Premium channels you would like.

Please take a few minutes to read the full terms and conditions before you sign your Customer Agreement. Your retailer will then give you an ONdigital Customer Account Number.

4. Call us!

When you get home, simply plug the box straight into the back of the TV set.

Full details of how to set up your box are in the ONdigital Starter Pack included with your box. Then call the Customer Activation Team on 0870 600 1616 and quote your Customer Account Number to activate your box.

That’s it! Now simply sit back and enjoy digital television at its finest.


Will my aerial pick up ONdigital?

Yes! In the majority of cases, your existing TV aerial will be ideal. Some viewers may need an upgrade to their existing aerial. Subject to our terms and conditions, ONdigital will be happy to arrange for a Standard Aerial Upgrade if required for special rates from £40. Call the ONdigital Customer Support Team for further details on 0870 600 9696.

Now let’s take a look at the exciting line-up of ONdigital channels you can choose from…


ONdigital channel line-up

Channel line-up

ONdigital Primary channels

  • Carlton Cinema – 24 hours of high quality choice ranging from vintage 30s titles to contemporary classics. Includes the world’s brightest film-making talent.
  • Carlton Select – The vert best of contemporary dramas, plus quizzes, movies, comedies, documentaries and sporting and music events. High quality, both acquired and home grown.
  • Carlton Food Network – Europe’s only dedicated food channel, bringing you the world’s finest chefs, food experts and celebrities, serving over 50 hours of mouth-watering programmes every week. Carlton Select and Carlton Food Network count as one choice
  • Carlton Kids – The very best of children’s programming: dramas, documentaries, educational series, puppet shows and animation. Wide appeal from tots to teens.
  • Carlton World – Wide range of factual programmes. Natural history, human interest, health, medicine, fitness, business, finance, travel, food. Also leisure, fashion, DIY, gardening, music, art. Carlton Kids and Carlton Word count as one choice
  • Cartoon Network – The only 24-hour all cartoon channel. All time favourites include Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones and Bugs Bunny, plus new toons like Cow and Chicken and Johnny Bravo.
  • UK Play – The UK’s only music and comedy channel. A mix of harmony and hilarity with lots of new programmes alongside special versions of BBC shows.
  • UK Gold – Quality British comedy and drama. From Shooting Stars and Only Fools and Horses to Hamish Macbeth and This Life. The kind of TV you want to see again and again.
  • UK Style – The channel for inspiration, escape and entertainment, with the focus on homes, antiques, gardening, travel and cookery.
  • UK Horizons – The best of the BBC’s factual entertainment about real people, nature, history, science, travel and adventure. UK Style and UK Horizons count as one choice
  • Sky One – The No.1 for family entertainment, featuring Friends, the Uncovered series, ER and award-winning Dream Team.
  • British Eurosport – The passion, drama and excitement of sport at its highest level: live action from some of the biggest events in the world.
  • Granada Breeze – The ultimate women’s magazine on air, offering the freshest, most compulsive and involving TV.
  • Granada Men & Motors – The ultimate men’s magazine on air, featuring the latest fast cars, fast bikes and fast women. Granada Breeze and Granada Men and Motors count as one choice
  • Granada Plus – “The home of the hits”, offering the very best in classic television entertainment from Britain and America.
  • MTV – This cult music channel mixes an irreverent presentation with hits and videos from mainstream and underground music. Coming July 1st.

ONdigital Premium channels

  • Sky Premier – Recently-released box office hits, blockbusters, award-winning movies and originally-produced films – plus Barry Norman’s new film magazine show.
  • Sky Moviemax – A potent cocktail of action, comedy, romance and cutting-edge independent cinema – pure movies with attitude.
  • FilmFour – The best in modern independent cinema from the UK, Europe and the US every night from 6pm.
  • Sky Sports 1 – The best of British live sport. In-depth sporting analysis. A wide range of sport-related programmes including Premier League Football.
  • Sky Sports 3 – A bonus channel when you choose Sky Sports 1 (only where available). Sky Sports 1 and 3 count as one choice

Free-to-View channels

All ONdigital customers have access to Free-to-View channels at no extra cost.

  • BBC ONE* – The programmes you know and love in digital quality with more widescreen broadcasts.
  • BBC TWO* – The programmes you know and love in digital quality with more widescreen broadcasts.
  • BBC CHOICE* – The BBC’s first new general channel since BBC TWO. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have their own version.
  • BBC NEWS 24* – The BBC’s vast news gathering resources bring live, uninterrupted coverage of key events as they happen, 24 hours a day.
  • BBC KNOWLEDGE* – An integrated television and programming internet service that gives you the knowledge you want in a new and involving way. Look out for the summer launch.
  • BBC PARLIAMENT* – A complete parliamentary service providing factual information on the issues that shape the way we live. (Audio only.)
  • BBC Text* – Great graphics and information, from today’s news headlines to shareprices in Japan. Quick and easy to find your way around. (Coming soon.)
  • ITV – You know what’s on/ But the quality of the picture and sound may come as a surprise. Not available on satellite.
  • ITV2† – New from ITV. A contemporary mix of sport, drama, music, factual programmes and entertainment for a younger audience.
  • Channel 4 – The quality programmes you’d expect, but with widescreen pictures and CD sound.
  • S4C – Home-grown programming for Wales, 12 hours a day. You will only be able to receive one of these channels.
  • Channel 5 – Popular mainstream viewing with entertainment, new comedy, drama and films plus sport and documentaries.
  • Teletext Digital – Digital Teletext will provide quicker pages, text will be easier to read and the pictures and graphics more detailed. (Coming soon.)

Remember – whilst ONdigital viewers can enjoy ITV & ITV2 and Digital Teletext, these services are not available for satellite subscribers.
*The BBC brings you these as part of the licence fee. †Not available in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

ONdigital Free Bonus channels

  • Shop! – The High Street on your TV! For the biggest names and the best prices, turn on, sit back and Shop!
  • First ONdigital – Regular specially commissioned programmes and events including dramas, entertainment, comedy and music.

UEFA Champions League

ONdigital will bring you live coverage of the UEFA Champions League from this Autumn. Our extensive coverage will be free to all ONdigital subscribers taking six Primary channels or more for the 1999/2000 season (subject to coverage).



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Selecting your channels

As an ONdigital customer, you will receive all available Primary channels listed on the previous pages for the first three months. This way, you can get to know our Primary channels before you choose which of them you want to take.

This is not available for those customers who choose the Basic Entry Choice.

At the end of this three month introductory period, you have two options:

a. Continue to subscribe to all Primary channels along with your choice of Premium channels.

Your monthly subscription will increase by just £2 per month.

b. Choose any six Primary channels along with your selection of Premium channels and continue to pay the amount listed below.

DON’T WORRY! We will be in touch before the end of your introductory period to give you plenty of time to make your choice.

Choose which channels you want, then enter the number of your choice from 1 to 11 plus your choice of Premium channels on the space in the Customer Application Form opposite.

All selections include an ONdigital box for the length of your subscription, access to Free-to-View channels and ONdigital free Bonus channels.


1 All available Primary channels 3 Sky Premium channels FilmFour £33.98
  plus Shop! and First ONdigital where available (Sky Sports 3 free where available)    
2 All available Primary channels 2 Sky Premium channels FilmFour £30.98
  plus Shop! and First ONdigital where available (Sky Sports 3 free with Sky Sports 1 where available)    
3 All available Primary channels 1 Sky Premium channel FilmFour £26.98
  plus Shop! and First ONdigital where available (Sky Sports 3 free with Sky Sports 1 where available)    
4 All available Primary channels 3 Sky Premium channels   £27.99
  plus Shop! and First ONdigital where available (Sky Sports 3 free where available)    
5 All available Primary channels 2 Sky Premium channels   £24.99
  plus Shop! and First ONdigital where available (Sky Sports 3 free with Sky Sports 1 where available)    
6 All available Primary channels 1 Sky Premium channel   £20.99
  plus Shop! and First ONdigital where available (Sky Sports 3 free with Sky Sports 1 where available)    
7 All available Primary channels FilmFour £15.98
  plus Shop! and First ONdigital where available      
8 All available Primary channels   £9.99
  plus Shop! and First ONdigital where available    


Some customers will only be able to receive Channel Menu E. Your retailer will let you know if this applies to you. As you are unfortunately not able to receive six Primary channels, a special offer gives you a selection of Primary and Premium channels for a very special price.


9 Primary channels Premium channels   £21.99
  Carlton Cinema, Cartoon Network, Sky One, Eurosport Sky Premier, Sky Sports 1    
10 Primary channels Premium channels FilmFour £27.98
  Carlton Cinema, Cartoon Network, Sky One, Eurosport Sky Premier, Sky Sports 1  


ONdigital also offers a Basic Entry choice of one Primary channel, Shop! and First ONdigital plus the soon-to-arrive Pay-per-View services and access to e-mail services. Simply choose your one Primary channel now and the Premium channels you want when you activate your subscription.


11 Choice of any one Primary channel Sky Premium channels FilmFour £6.99
  plus Shop! and First ONdigital where available available on request available on request



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How does it all work?


It’s as simple as pressing a button

The remote control that came with your set top box or integrated TV gives you more control over your television viewing than ever before. You can do everything from finding out what’s coming up on one channel while you’re watching another, to ’locking’ a TV channel so that your children can’t watch it by mistake.

The best way to get to know the various features of your ONdigital set top box or integrated TV is to find yourself a few spare minutes, turn the TV on and follow this simple guide. Don’t be frightened of experimenting – you can’t press a ‘wrong’ button. You may notice that the colour of your screen displays differ from the guide depending on the make of your set top box or integrated TV.


On-screen TV guide



With ONdigital, it’s easy to find out what’s on now and next across the whole range of ONdigital channels – all from the comfort of your armchair.

  • When watching digital TV, launch the on-screen TV guide by pressing the INFO button on your remote.
  • The guide appears on the screen. The top section displays the current channel number, name, programme name and time.
  • At the same time, the lower section displays the same channel name and number, the name of the programme you are currently watching and the programme that’s on next.
  • For more information about the programme you are watching, press the BLUE button.
  • When the additional information is displayed, use the UP and DOWN ARROW to scroll to a second page (if applicable). When you’re done, press the BLUE button again.
  • Press the YELLOW button and you can find out about the programme that follows.
  • To look for programme information on channels other than the one you are watching, use the UP and DOWN ARROW buttons. When you do this the top part of the display doesn’t change, but the lower section can display the current and next programmes on any other channel you choose.
  • If you see a programme you want to watch, go straight to that channel by pressing SELECT.
  • To remove the on-screen guide without changing channels, press the INFO or EXIT button.


On-screen channel list


This is simply a list of channel names and their numbers as they have been tuned on your box or TV. It lets you go straight to a channel even if you can’t remember its number.

  • When watching a digital channel, press SELECT. This will display the channel list.
  • Six channels at a time will be displayed on-screen, with the channel you are watching already highlighted.
  • Use the UP and DOWN ARROW buttons to scroll down the list of channels.
  • The LEFT and RIGHT ARROW buttons can also be used to advance the channel list a whole page at a time.
  • When the channel you want to see is highlighted, press the SELECT button.
  • To leave the channel list without changing channels, press the EXIT button.

    Favourite channels


    The favourite channel feature allows you to identify certain channels and exclude all other channels from being selected when you use the P+ and P- buttons.

    It means you can skip straight past any channels you don’t subscribe to and find the channel you want faster and easier.

    • When you’re watching a digital channel, press MENU.
    • From the main menu, select option 2 by pressing the number 2 button. This will display a list of current channels.
    • Use the UP and DOWN ARROW buttons to highlight a channel that you want to select as one of your favourites, then press the SELECT button. A heart symbol appears, confirming you’ve selected that channel. Continue to select other channels in this way, first highlighting them and then pressing the SELECT button.
    • When you have placed hearts against all the channels you want to be your favourites, you then need to switch the favourites mode ON. The bottom of the screen indicates that you ‘switch favourites on’ by pressing the GREEN button. As you do this the menu heading at the top of the screen will indicate that ‘favourites are on’.
    • If you want to switch the favourites mode off at any time, go back through the main menu and this time the bottom of the screen will indicate that you ‘switch favourites off’ by pressing the GREEN button. As you do, the top of the screen will indicate that ‘favourites’ are off.
    • Should you wish to de-select some channels as your favourites, repeat the above steps, selecting option 2 from the main menu, highlighting the channel that you want to de-select using the UP and DOWN ARROW buttons, then finally press SELECT to remove the heart symbol.
    • Once you have chosen your channels and switched the favourites mode on, when you use the P+ and P- buttons, you will only scroll through the selected channels.
    • When using the UP and DOWN ARROW buttons with the on-screen TV guide, you will also see favourites only. To see other channels in this instance, use the number buttons or the on-screen channel list.


    Parental lock



    This feature enables you to choose a 4 digit parental code that the set top box or integrated TV recognises as a ‘pin number’. This number can then be used to ‘lock’ individual digital channels and prevent access to them until the correct code is entered.

    • When watching a digital channel, press the MENU button. From the main menu, select option 3 – parental lock – by pressing number 3 button.
    • The very first time you select this option, you will see two further menu options: ‘enter new parental code’ and ‘choose channels to lock or unlock’. Before you can choose channels to lock, you must first enter a new parental code. Press button 1 to select this option.
    • The screen now prompts you to enter your four digit code. Do this using the number buttons on your remote.
    • Once you have entered your code, press SELECT to confirm it. You will then see a message asking you to remember your code.
    • Press the RED button to return to the previous menu.
    • You should now select option 2 ‘choose channels to lock number 2 button on your remote.
    • First, enter your parental code and press SELECT to confirm it.
    • You will then see the list of channels to which you can apply the parental lock. If you have already set up any favourite channels, the heart symbols will already be appearing on this channel list.
    • Select locked channels in the same way as you did your favourites, using the UP and DOWN ARROW buttons to highlight the channels you want to lock, then pressing the SELECT button. As you do, a padlock symbol will be displayed next to the channel name.
    • Continue to do this for all the channels you want to lock.
    • You then need to ‘activate’ the locked channels by closing the padlocks. At the moment, the bottom of the screen will indicate that you ‘close locks’ by pressing the GREEN button. As you do this, the menu heading at the top of the screen will indicate that ‘locks are closed’.
    • With the parental lock active, you will be unable to view channels which you have locked until the parental code is entered. When a locked channel is selected, a message will tell you it is a locked channel.


    To view a locked channel


    • After going to the locked channel, press SELECT and enter your parental code using the number buttons on your remote. Once entered, press SELECT to confirm the code and unlock the channel.
    • If you subsequently change channels and then return to the locked channel, the parental code will need to be entered again.
    • If you want to temporarily unlock all your channels without removing the padlocks, you can do so by going back through the parental lock menu.
    • Select option 2, ‘choose channels to lock or unlock’ and enter your parental code.
    • The bottom of the screen will be indicating that you can ‘open locks’ by pressing the GREEN button. As you do, the heading of the screen will change to confirm that ‘locks are open’.
    • Once you have opened padlocks in this way, you will no longer need to enter your parental code each time a locked channel is selected.
    • After unlocking all the channels, remember that you will need to ‘close locks’ again to prevent the locked channels being accessible by all.
    • If you forget your parental code our Customer Service Representatives will be able to help you on 0870 600 9696.


    Connecting your video to your set top box

    There are two ways in which a video recorder can be connected to your ONdigital box, depending on whether your video has a rectangular ‘SCART’ socket.

    If you have a SCART socket, connect the lead from the SCART socket on your video to the SCART VCR socket on your ONdigital box. When you want to record a digital channel, you should select the channel on your video assigned to the SCART socket (refer to your video’s instruction book for details). This tells your video that it should record the programmes that are being sent to it through the SCART lead.

    If you can’t use a SCART lead between your box and video, you will have to manually select and tune a new channel on your video in order to record digital programmes. You can do this in the same way you tuned a channel to record BBC ONE or ITV. As most video recorders work in different ways, please refer to your video’s instruction book to find out how to tune yours.


    Connecting your video to your integrated TV

    There are also different ways to connect your video if you have an integrated TV, depending on the type of TV you have. Your TV instruction book will include simple steps showing you how to do this.


    Using the timer



    The timer feature means that you are not limited to recording from one digital channel. You can program your set top box or integrated TV to change channels at the same time as your video – up to eight different time slots in total. Remember that you also need to set the timer on your video.

    • To begin with, you should press the MENU button on your remote to display the main menu.
    • From here, select the ‘setting the timer’ option by pressing number button 1, then choose an available timer slot by highlighting it and pressing SELECT.
    • Details of the date, start time, end time and channel number should then be entered using the number buttons. You should use the DOWN ARROW button to move to the next line once the required information has been entered.
    • Once all details have been entered, confirm the timer setting by pressing the SELECT button. A summary of the timer settings will then be displayed on-screen.
    • You can either continue to enter details of another timer setting or, once you have finished, press the EXIT button to leave the menu and return to watching TV.
    • For the timer setting to activate, you must leave your □Ndigital box or integrated TV in standby once you have finished watching.
    • If you don’t put your box or TV into standby after setting the timer and you’re still watching TV when the timer is about to start, you will hear a short ‘beep’ and see either ‘rEd’ displayed on the front panel of the box, or a similar message on your TV.
    • Pressing the RED button on your remote displays a message indicating that a timer event is about to start. It asks you to confirm whether you want to continue watching the channel you are on or switch to the channel chosen for the timer.


    Remember, you can’t watch one ONdigital channel and record a different ONdigital channel at the same time. However, you can watch a different analogue channel while recording an ONdigital channel and vice versa. Detailed steps for setting the timer are included in the full manufacturer instruction book.


    Subtitled programmes

    Many ONdigital programmes carry subtitles, with more set to follow. They’re very easy to access. If you have a subtitle button on your remote it can be used to switch subtitles on and off while you are viewing.

    If you would like subtitles always to be displayed whenever they are available here are the steps to follow:

    • Press the MENU button on your remote, then select option 4 ‘viewing preferences’ then option 1 ‘ONdigital box settings’.
    • Then select option 2 ‘subtitles’. If you select ‘on’, subtitles will always be displayed when they are available. If you select ‘off’, they will not be displayed unless you use the subtitle button.
    • Now select option 3 ‘subtitle language’ and highlight English without the picture of the ear alongside. (Welsh subtitles are available for some S4C programmes in the S4C region.)

    If your menu options differ from those above, please refer to your instruction book.


    Auto update


    ONdigital plans to introduce lots of new services throughout the coming months. Many of these, such as pay per view, will require minor changes to the software within your set top box or integrated TV. But don’t worry – these changes can be carried out just by pressing a couple of buttons on your remote control.

    Here’s what to do:

    • When watching a digital channel, press the MENU button will see the main menu screen appear on your TV.
    • Select option 7 ‘technical information’.
    • Select option 3 ‘auto update’.
    • You will then see a message asking if you really want to start a download. Press SELECT to confirm that you want to carry out the update.
    • If you have a box it will go into standby and the message ‘auto update’ will scroll across the front display. If you have an integrated TV, the message will be displayed on-screen. The update will take around five minutes, and you will not be able to watch digital channels while the update process is taking place.
    • Please do not switch off or unplug your ONdigital box or TV until the update has finished.
    • When the update is complete your ONdigital box or TV will restart.

    If you see the message ‘update error’, this just means that you already have the latest software on-board. If you see any other messages please refer to your instruction book.


    Philips ONdigital box


    Need any help?

    As you’ve seen, moving to digital television is pretty simple with ONdigital. But sometimes things don’t quite work according to plan, as anyone who has ever assembled flat-pack furniture will know. However, help is at hand if you do come across any problems.

    Our Customer Service Centre is there for exactly that reason. You can reach them on 0870 600 9696 between 8am and midnight seven days a week.

    In the meantime, you can always keep up to date with developments at ONdigital by visiting our website at www.ondigital.co.uk. You can also use the website to cost out any combination of channels you’re thinking of choosing.


    Channel list



    With thanks to Robert Stanley.


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    The ‘broken’ picture heading this article says it all!

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    Ah yes, such excitement, such enthusiasm! The glory days of OnDigital!

    Jesse J. Tripp 18 February 2022 at 9:23 pm

    Strangely, this was NOT going to end well for OnDigital. At all.

    Tony Brogan 23 February 2022 at 7:12 am

    We should all take note that Freeview (the free to air terrestrial digital TV service) exists today solely because the commercial subscription digital TV service (except for a very few PBS services) that the Bliar administration authorized and intended to be the norm (with all that lovely VAT revenue from the subscriptions) failed.

    And why did OnDigital (Granada + Carlton) get awarded the contract to provide the service?

    Might it have had something to do with the fact that the management of Granada had actively supported the election of Tony Bliar’s NU LABOUR. it was the appearance of Tony on the Diz O’Connor Show on Granada owned LWT wot did it!

    Charles Allen was chief executive of Granada Group from 1996 to 2000, went on to be chairman of the executive board of the Labour Party, and was ultimately rewarded with a seat in the House of Lords.

    But the chattering classes say that political corruption only happens in disreputable foreign lands such as Belgium or Italy and in most African states.

    James Martin 19 June 2022 at 11:17 pm

    Gosh what a throwback. Remember seeing that exact same leaflet in Curry’s at the time when my parents were mulling over which platform to go for – they stuck with Sky eventually.

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