In the Public Interest

Local radio, wavelengths and Radio 1

16 September 2022

Giving the BBC’s wavelengths to commercial radio doesn’t create competition, it just makes a different monopoly, says Ian Trethowan

Is BBC-1 too popular?

16 September 2022

The BBC is already making and showing in peak time the programmes you complain they don’t do, says Paul Fox

A reply to charges of trivia in BBC-tv programmes

2 September 2022

The people who say BBCtv programmes are too populist don’t appear to have watched any, says Huw Wheldon

The problems of minority broadcasting

26 August 2022

A BBC that does popular and minority programmes, or, as commercial competitors want, a BBC that only does minority interest shows?

The challenge of Local Radio and other topics

19 August 2022

Closedown BBC local radio to replace it with the new Independent Local Radio? Not on my watch, says the BBC Director-General

Providing a comprehensive BBC service for the whole nation

12 August 2022

In the Public Interest 1/6: Charles Curran on the BBC’s costs

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