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Welcome to the exciting world of ONdigital

Published 18 February 2022

Welcome to the future and your new ONdigital digibox

Formula won

Published 29 July 2011

Aside from those wanting Rupert Murdoch’s influence to be curtailed, the News Corporation phone hacking saga so far hasn’t been bad news for BSkyB either, despite the fact that it’s…


Published 18 June 2010

The announcement that BSkyB is withdrawing its Sky Sports News channel from Freeview may not be that unexpected but it does raise some interesting unanswered questions in relation to Sky’s…

The Woes of Setanta – part 45,921

Published 13 February 2009

The distribution of Premier League football rights is a seemingly never ending occurrence, however the latest round now has the potential to have some serious consequences.

Ratings Review: week ending 13 January 2008

Published 25 January 2008

A bit later in the week than I usually post these, but here we go with another review of the latest publically released BARB ratings. First thing I’m going to…

Into the premier league

Published 2 January 2002

Colm O’Rourke on how Sky changed football

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