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6 September 2021


Cover of Television & Radio 1986

From Television and Radio 1986, published by the Independent Broadcasting Authority

At six o’clock precisely every weekday, the opening titles of Yorkshire Television’s regional news programme, Calendar, burst onto the screen. It is a moment which marks the culmination of hours of intense effort, planned on the scale of a military operation, to bring the news of the past 24 hours from a vast area stretching from North Yorkshire to The Wash.

The viewers see the presenters, the reporters, the studio guests and the weatherman, but backing them up behind the scenes are scores of staff, from cameramen to electricians, from graphic designers to scenehands. Calendar enjoys the distinction of holding the Royal Television Society’s award for the best daily regional news programme.

Here’s a visual impression of just what the huge team operation involves.



Courtesy of Rob COLLIS


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James 6 September 2021 at 4:04 pm

Still using film in 1986, that seems a bit surprising!

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