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19 January 2017

From the TVTimes for week commencing 14 August 1965

Gordon Honeycombe, newest member of the ITN team of newscasters, is 28 and 6ft. 5ins. tall — which brings him up to eye level with his colleague Peter Snow.

Gordon Honeycombe (1936-2015)

Curiously enough, the two men were the same year at Oxford, where both were active members of the Oxford University Dramatic Society.

But whereas Snow was a moderately aspiring actor, Honeycombe was more absorbed in the production side. And in his production of “Paradise Lost,” Snow appeared as an Angel!

Following his term at Oxford, Honeycombe joined the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford, where he played small parts and learned about production. During this time, he adapted a 13th-century play about “The Life of Our Lord.” Under the title “The Miracles,” he produced this for a Sunday night showing at the Company’s Aldwych Theatre in London.

Honeycombe is a bachelor, arid lives in a London flat. He would like to explore the world fully before settling down to marriage and a family.

The farthest his travels have taken him so far is to Hong Kong, where he got himself a job for a few months as a radio announcer.

Apart from his prowess as newscaster and his natural ability in front of the cameras, his interests now are fiction writing, acting and production, and journalism, though he moves in theatrical rather than journalistic circles.

He has few sporting interests — but he plays a good game of bridge!

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