Building for Channel 4 

29 July 2020


A sequence illustrating how the transmitting station on Beacon Hill near Tor Bay in South West England was made ready for Channel 4, from Television & Radio 1985, published by the Independent Broadcasting Authority in December 1984.


A Marconi Rotamode filter for combining the channels so that all four programmes can be transmitted from the same two-section aerial system.

One of the four-cavity klystons – the device that delivers 15kW of UHF power. The klystrons used for Channel 4 have a significantly higher efficiency than those used for ITV and the reserve transmitter can be brought into operation in seconds rather than minutes.

All is ready in the new extension. Channel 4 became available in September 1983, making Beacon Hill the 40th ‘main’ transmitting station to join the new Channel4/S4C network.

All is peaceful again on Beacon Hill. The two IBA channels are remotely supervised from St. Hilary Regional Operations Centre near Cardiff and looked after by a mobile maintenance team based at the IBA Stockland Hill site near Honiton, Devon.


(Note: the lattice mast broadcasts FM and DAB signals)


Beacon Hill at mb21’s Transmission Gallery

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