The Authority’s Plans for Channel Four

2 November 2022

Inside the 20-year battle for a fourth channel

New Initiatives on Channel 4

2 November 2022

There’s always something new and different on Channel 4

Channel Four News

2 November 2022

The country’s newest, and most innovative, news programme

Channel Four and Education

2 November 2022

Continuing education, adult education and children’s education: there’s always something to learn on Channel 4

Film on Four

2 November 2022

Channel 4’s first two years have seen an explosion in British filmmaking

The partnership begins

1 November 2022

With S4C on the horizon, the controller of BBC Wales assess its chance of success

In tune with Channel 4

4 July 2022

The Channel 4 main transmitter network is complete, but there’s more to do

The birth of a channel

2 August 2021

The first brand new national TV channel in almost 20 years has arrived

TV channel 4 storm

28 October 2020

It’s decided: the fourth channel will be… a mess

Blueprint for channel 4

2 September 2020

What does Channel 4 hold for the viewer when it launches in 2 years?

Building for Channel 4

29 July 2020

A gallery of photos from the construction of the Beacon Hill Channel 4 extension in the early 1980s

Get into view with new channel

24 October 2017

Channel 4 is coming, so please help your elderly neighbours tune in

They want your money

30 September 2010

Does C4 deserve some of the licence fee?

A Tribute to Owen Edwards

9 September 2010

Nigel Stapley remembers the man who founded S4C

The slow death of S4C?

19 August 2010

S4C appears to be in trouble. What has happened in Cardiff – and Wales – to scupper the broadcasting success story of the 1980s?

The Fourth Channel at 25

18 November 2007

A quarter century of Channel 4 and S4/C.

Launch of a Revolution

18 November 2007

David Hastings reviews Channel 4 on the 25th anniversary of its launch

A Tribute to Gwynfor Evans

1 April 2005

Russ J Graham remembers the will behind S4C


1 January 2002

Ian Beaumont on the eras of the fourth channel

Back to 1982

1 January 2002

David Hastings on C4’s on-screen personalities

Channel Four as ITV2

1 January 2002

James Pittman watches C4 develop

Above and beyond

1 January 2002

A peon of praise from Joe Baldwin


1 January 2002

David Hastings on a future for Channel Four

The art of scheduling

1 January 2002

Pete Davis on how to make a channel ‘alternative’

Fourgone conclusion

1 January 2002

Andrew Bowden on how C4 lost its way

Yes, it’s no

1 January 2002

Russ J Graham on the trials of getting C4 on air

A channel for Wales

1 January 2002

Dafydd Hancock on the twists and turns before S4C

Child Of Four

1 January 2002

Ross Chapel remembers real minority programming

File on Four

1 January 2002

Our Writers’ Forum on C4 and its impact

Four what it’s worth

1 January 2002

C4 killed quality television, says Russ J Graham

Teledu comes of age

1 February 2001

Richard Jones celebrates the arrival of S4C


1 January 2001

A quick look at S4C’s text service

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