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28 February 2022

How the simple art of TV continuity and a decorative graphic were instrumental in my learning the alphabet and telling the time

One giant leap for home entertainment

12 July 2021

The traffic stops as BBC-2 stumbles into colour…

One night in Europe…

31 May 2021

A personal take on the Eurovision Song Contest and the European Broadcasting Union

Britain’s newest TV channel

19 February 2018

A studio and two cameras take up a classroom in Holmesdale Primary School in 1967

Sketchy details

7 January 2014

Rob Williams on keeping presentation – real and imaginary – alive

Giant leap

26 August 2012

Kif Bowden-Smith remembers watching one of the greatest events in human history – live

Musical youth

9 November 2011

Kevin Chamberlain takes us on a journey through his life with a gramophone

Baby Boomer’s Revenge

20 July 2008

Good advice for programmers

Making a mockery

1 July 2007

Chase McPherson discovers Network Six

It’s that girl again

1 March 2007

The birth of an iconic image

All Systems Freeman – 3

1 February 2007

1960s: At the top of his game.

Battle of the Alphas

1 February 2007

British and US film series were a treat for 60s viewers

Guilty Pleasures of the Test Card

31 December 2006

What we watched when the adults weren’t looking…

All Systems Freeman – 1

31 December 2006

More than a legendary broadcasting figure, Alan Freeman was a 1960s icon.

All Systems Freeman – 2

31 December 2006

Kif Bowden-Smith continues his personal memoir of Alan Freeman.

Growing up with Tyne Tees

29 April 2006

The local ITV station was at the heart of growing up in 1980s Newcastle

Memories of ITV

3 September 2005

Richard Wyn Jones grew up with ITV in Wales… and loved every minute of it

The Kendic Radio Story

1 April 2005

70 years of west country radio & tv retailing

How the West Was

1 January 2005

Emrys Sparks discovers television

Rose-tinted Spectacles

1 January 2005

Glenn Aylett has fond memories of 70s television

Great Service, Great Sets

1 January 2004

Glenn Aylett on the lost world of television rentals

The Darkest Day

1 January 2004

Joseph Gallant remembers the end of the dream

Fallen Idols

18 August 2003

Andrew Bowden watches Saddam’s fall from grace

A Screen-Shaped Window

1 January 2003

Colm O’Rourke appears on BBC Northern Ireland

Northern Exposure

1 February 2002

James Barrington relives northern ITV

Bring in the new

1 January 2002

David Hastings watches everything change

Hello, Goodbye

1 January 2002

Ian Beaumont waves goodbye to Westward

Package Tour

1 September 2001

Louis Rayner on the launch of ITV 1989

Presentation Presents

1 September 2001

David Brockman sees progs from pres

Hidden Programmes

1 September 2001

Neil Page’s programmes are not in the Radio Times

Before and After

1 September 2001

Andrew Hesford-Booth waits for Four

Drowning Flipper

1 September 2001

Russ J Graham on the tv-am strike

A very contrary region

1 September 2001

Robert Brown on the strange world of Northern Ireland TV

Those Radio Times

1 September 2001

David Brockman gets fringe benefits from the BBC

Travels with my set

1 September 2001

Con Logue grows up in front of the tv

Happy and Glorious

1 September 2001

Barbara Woodford remembers the Coronation

Nixon Delivers

1 September 2001

Bryce Garford sees tricky dicky fight back

Look and Learn

1 September 2001

Jase Robertson on schools programmes

Blank Days

1 September 2001

Andrew Hesford-Booth watches daytime television

Affairs of State

1 September 2001

Kif Bowden-Smith on the state funeral of Churchill

Come Back Lew

1 September 2001

James Barrington on the golden age of ITV

625 Comes North

1 September 2001

Kif Bowden-Smith on the opening of bbc-2

School Daze

1 September 2001

Andrew Hesford-Booth is off sick and watching tv

Star Of Wonder

1 September 2001

David Brockman pines for the adastral

Switched On

1 September 2001

Andrew Hesford-Booth switches the set on

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