14 May 2022

Television prepares for its greatest triumph, to reach out beyond the frontiers of Europe and bring you instantaneous sights and sounds from six different countries

Seventeen for one

9 May 2022

The story of Sweden’s DX-TV champion

Radio/Television BEOGRAD… on the move

18 October 2021

A colour outside broadcast unit from America makes its way behind the iron curtain

Pay-TV vs. Free TV: May the best deal win

9 August 2021

As the cable revolution spreads in the US, a new tier of channels starts to appear… ones you have to pay for. Will this ever catch on?

New York cables’ answer to Carson: late-night sex

14 June 2021

The curious case of pornography on cable television in the US in 1975

Telefis Eireann will cater for every taste

31 December 2020

Telefís Éireann is ready to launch. A local paper in Dundalk takes us through what to look out for

First television service

16 December 2020

Has Germany beaten Britain to television in 1936?

Eight nations see TV relay triumph

22 July 2020

Television pictures get from Rome to Copenhagen, Paris, Bonn, Hilversum and London in an exciting new development in 1954

Sydney is beaut

1 February 2019

Rediffusion seconded their assistant head of casting to ATN 7 in Melbourne in 1967. Here she reports back on the television scene in Australia

Color City

3 December 2018

The grand opening of NBC’s new colour studios in Burbank, California, is celebrated by the ‘NBC Chimes’ staff magazine in 1955

Oswald shooting a first in television history

24 November 2018

The first murder ever seen live on television

The dimension JFK added to television

23 November 2018

A life – and death – lived on television

ACTT members visit East Germany

12 November 2018

Four members of the ACTT union go on a trip to East Germany in 1960 and like what they find

Here is the news… costing one million dollars

1 November 2018

ITN’s News Editor Mark Andrews is shocked by Barbara Walters in 1976

They’ll walk 20 miles to watch TV quiz shows

10 October 2018

The Italians have really taken to television, writes the TVTimes in 1956

Broadcasting under Communism

28 May 2018

Burton Paulu on how television and radio was organised under Communism in Europe in 1967

Our Man Cliff

12 May 2018

Radio Times looks forward to tonight’s Eurovision Song Contest… in 1968

Eurovision Network in 1967

11 May 2018

Inside the technical developments pioneered by the European Broadcasting Union in 1967

Now for the good news – there isn’t any bad

17 August 2017

Television in the People’s Republic of China in 1979

They call themselves patriots

31 July 2017

Is the voice of the radical right ruining America, asks TV Guide in 1967

Birth of a Station

10 July 2017

All it takes is $250,000, a lot of persistence and a sports director who won’t hyperventilate on camera

Nation Shall Look Unto Nation

8 May 2017

A 1955 look-back at the exciting developments so far in international broadcasting in Europe

A Russian looks at ITV

9 January 2017

A representative from ‘Novosti’ gets to see ITV in 1961

A snog from Europe

23 May 2015

A topical trip to the French archives

Wave of the future

11 November 2014

In 1972, TV Guide asks if cable television will catch on in the US by offering original programming

Eye in the sky

26 June 2014

The development of intercontinental satellite television

Deutscher Fernsehfunk 1966

16 June 2014

What was on East German television in November 1966?

A Fox-up

8 January 2014

Chase McPherson on how Fox managed to foul up a memorial


24 February 2013

How one channel becomes two… or three… or dozens in the new digital America

Extreme Channel Makeover

11 September 2010

Chase McPherson on the dizzying parade of changing brands in the US cable TV market

Selling KERA

6 March 2010

An email to the local PBS stations leads to 60 seconds of fame

The Word & The Deed

20 July 2008

Watch your language!

In Memoriam: Tim Russert

22 June 2008

Tim Russert of NBC remembered

Redefining Regional TV – American Style

11 May 2008

US experience proves ITV wrong

The phoenix of Colorado

11 February 2008

A station returns from the dead

State of News

8 January 2008

The battle to lead in Texas

Casting Call

1 July 2007

Chase McPherson tries to get on TV

America’s ITV?

1 May 2007

Is PBS now just another commercial broadcaster?

American Identity

31 December 2006

Everything you hate about UK prez we learned from the USA

The showman naturalist

24 September 2006

A profile of Steve Irwin

All change Stateside

2 September 2006

Two US networks become one this September. Will viewers notice?

Mr TV Sport

3 June 2006

Profile of Kerry Packer, 1937-2005

The Olive Grove Revolution

30 April 2006

How a small Slovenian TV station changed the face of Italian broadcasting

Switching Signals

31 March 2006

Imagine switching on the TV and finding that two major channels had swapped names. It happened in 1980s Australia…

Let the good times roll

2 January 2006

Australian commercial TV at fifty

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