Graphic design

Computers in TV production

27 June 2022

Grampian have invested in a modern set-up to bring their programmes and presentation into the 1980s

TV’s search for new logo over

29 March 2021

TSW’s new identity is coming together, thanks to 80 similar suggestions for a logo

TV to have ‘all-seeing’ eyes as trade mark

26 August 2020

Television is about to be looking back at you in 1953. That sounds fun.

Border Television choose a Symbol

2 June 2020

‘The Stage’ newspaper reports in 1960 on how Border TV will look when it launches

Waterfall watermark

8 February 2019

How do you get watermarked paper for your new ITV company when you can’t afford watermarked paper?

Happy ending

10 September 2015

A forgotten BBC gem

Join the dots

30 July 2015

Wales (West & North) Television’s dotty life

Logotastic ’65

29 June 2015

The fantastic cover of the 1965 ITA yearbook

New logo for London Weekend

18 September 2014

London Weekend relaunches in 1970

Dramatic, sinister and pretty

30 July 2014

How the Daily Mirror saw the new logos of 1968 to be

The art of the title sequence: George & Mildred

23 July 2012

The twitches and turns of a comedy classic, as seen through a show’s title sequence

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