Blackout wrecks BBC-2 first night

20 April 2024

The aftermath of the launch that didn’t happen

BBC-2 press review

20 April 2024

Five regional newspapers cover the (not quite) launch of BBC-2

Tonight’s BBC-2… in 1964

20 April 2024

A look at what wasn’t on BBC-2 on Monday 20 April 1964

This was glamour!

30 November 2023

How could you expect a girl to play a love scene looking like a corpse? It’s what they had to do in the early days

Make-up and Wardrobe

9 November 2023

Meet Johnny, Tommy and Pamela, three of the women who keep BBCtv stars looking good

B.B.C. Television comes of age

2 November 2023

21 years from the official start of the BBC Television Service, the Earls Court Radio Show looks at how the BBC are celebrating at the exhibition

The Weather

21 November 2022

Getting the symbols to stick to the map is only the last stage of forecasting the weather on the BBC

Children in Need

18 November 2022

A look back at Children in Need 1982

From a novelty to part of the British way of life

14 November 2022

The chairman of the BBC looks back at 60 years of broadcasting

Pictures from 60 BBC years

14 November 2022

The BBC celebrates 60 years with a round-up of important dates and photographs

Breakfast Time

31 October 2022

The huge success that is the BBC’s Breakfast Time

Reference Library

10 October 2022

In an age before Google, one of the most vital parts of the BBC was its reference libraries

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill on the BBC

18 September 2022

Behind the scenes photographs of the BBC’s biggest OB

The Queen

8 September 2022

Backstage at Windsor for the Queen’s Christmas Message

My Coronation Commentary

8 September 2022

Richard Dimbleby explains his BBC Television Service commentary to the Sunday Dispatch in June 1953

BBC Studiolympia News

6 September 2022

A souvenir of your visit to the Ideal Home Show in March 1965

Turning Listeners into Viewers

5 May 2022

A review of the progress of the BBC Television Service

Why do children like their Television?

29 April 2022

The head of Children’s Television at the BBC explains why kids are drawn to the medium

The Romance of ‘Radio Times’

7 February 2022

Inside the huge task of printing and distributing 8 million copies of the Radio Times every week

BBC Television Builds a New City

31 January 2022

Huw Wheldon takes us around the new Television Centre, under construction in Shepherd’s Bush

Cat-swinging out in Queen Street

8 March 2021

BBC Scotland’s staff newsletter on the cramped conditions in Edinburgh

Full houses for first Scots TV show

22 February 2021

How did the launch of the BBC’s Kirk o’Shotts TV transmitter go down with viewers in 1952?

Hopes of Yorkshire television

8 February 2021

No, not that Yorkshire Television. This is the first television for Yorkshire, the BBC, which could be on air by 1950

The Great TV War: a TV ‘Light’ could save the BBC

5 January 2021

BBCtv is dying in 1958 and here’s how to save it

The Great TV War

4 January 2021

BBCtv is dying in 1958 and here’s why

Television Service inaugurated by P.M.G.

2 November 2020

The opening-day speeches from the new BBC Television Service

Wake up to breakfast TV!

14 October 2019

Selina Scott, Frank Bough and Nick Ross are here to welcome you to Britain’s ‘first’ television breakfast show in 1983

Why balance should be banned

15 April 2019

In the aftermath of ‘Yesterday’s Men’ in 1971, Sean Day-Lewis argues we need more bias and less balance on the BBC

Almost a silent night

24 December 2018

CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED – almost. Gary Rodger takes us through the industrial dispute that almost closed the BBC at Christmas in 1978

BBC-2 transmitting stations

27 March 2018

BBC-2 transmitters in service and planned in 1968

The BBC since 1958

19 March 2018

Sir Hugh Carleton Greene’s valedictory message to the BBC and the audience after he was pushed out as Director-General in late 1968

Audience Research

25 September 2017

A look at what’s popular and how popularity is measured from the BBC in 1961

The Television Centre – its significance for professional visitors

3 July 2017

From 1968, a look at why BBC Television Centre was attracting crowds… of other broadcasters

How to receive BBC-2

22 May 2017

BBC-2 is on its way to the north of England. This 1965 leaflet tells you all you need to know about receiving it

The Coronation Broadcasts

12 May 2017

The BBC’s coverage of the coronation of King George VI in 1937

Making the Camera Lie

16 February 2017

The 1937 viewer may be surprised to learn that some parts of television are – gasp! – not real

In place of the advertised programme…

26 January 2017

The Radio Times talks about the thought that goes into postponing a programme

Public service broadcasting – in 1949

23 January 2017

The former editor of the Daily Herald decides what is public service broadcasting and whether the BBC manages to produce it

The BBC’s Advisory Bodies in 1968

29 December 2016

The Radio Times explains how the BBC used to go looking for advice

This Thing Called Television

17 December 2016

The BBC’s Norman Collins explains television for the benefit of new Midlands viewers

Television Comes to the Centre of England

17 December 2016

The Radio Times explains the technical achievements in building the Sutton Coldfield transmitter in 1949

Thirty girls with TV secrets

8 December 2016

A fine slice of sexism from 1955

Television returns in 1946

3 October 2016

The BBC Yearbook for 1947 tells us how television returned in June 1946

The Caversham Story

26 September 2016

BBC Monitoring is examined in 1950

Au Revoir, Television

1 September 2016

A 1940 description of what television was doing just as the order came to shut it down

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