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Factsheet 1966: Independent Television Programmes

Published 16 August 2018

An introduction to Independent Television programming in 1966

Now it’s jingle all the way

Published 22 January 2018

A good jingle can sell you anything – in 1957, at least

Years of Light

Published 26 September 2017

The BBC reviews the first two years of the Light Programme

Jackie Trent 1940-2015

Published 22 March 2015

Songwriter and singer Jackie Trent has died

Musical youth

Published 9 November 2011

Kevin Chamberlain takes us on a journey through his life with a gramophone

Sing-a-longa Transdiffusion

Published 5 April 2010

About a year ago, a free music streaming service called Spotify was launched in the UK (it’s available elsewhere too). At the start, it didn’t have all that much music…

Swallowing your pride

Published 13 January 2010

BBC admits it went too far in U2 tie-up On the surface this just appears to be yet another complaint from the commercial media sector (this time, the RadioCentre) along…

Watch this man.

Published 3 October 2008

Despite the fact that Cory Ondrejka works for EMI, he knows more about what’s really going on in the music industry than almost anyone else.

Medi(a)eval Haze

Published 9 May 2008

If you, like me, are an avid BBC Four viewer, you might have seen the extremely cool trailer for the recent Mediaeval (oh, sorry, we are spelling it the American…

How do we make any money?

Published 9 March 2008

So here we are in this new media world. We download our music and give it to our friends, so the musicians who make it don’t get any income. We…

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