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The BBC and the Pilkington Committee

Published 16 June 2023

The BBC gets its response to the Pilkington Committee in early

Twenty millions put the B.B.C. in the dock

Published 19 May 2023

Is the BBC fit for the hard work of covering the Coronation? And does it cost too much?

BBC income and expenditure 1959-1960

Published 20 January 2023

The BBC tell staff where the money came from and went in 1959-60

Those extra TV buttons could mean less choice

Published 30 November 2022

Bill Cotton, recently promoted to head up the BBC’s future multichannels policy, on what he’s expecting by the year 2000

How Britannia Rules Her Wavelengths

Published 9 July 2018

Norman Collins is disappointed with the government’s White Paper on Broadcasting Policy in 1967

Thompson’s tactical errors

Published 23 August 2012

BLOG: BBC Director-General gone

Best defence

Published 17 May 2011

Having people like Sir David Attenborough and Prof Brian Cox defending the BBC in front of a Lords communications select committee is worth much more than a thousand “Delivering public…

Open to scrutiny

Published 4 April 2011

Ever since the last administration reclassified the UK TV licence fee as a tax (as opposed to a service charge) in 2006, there has been a theoretical danger that the…

Who not to trust

Published 14 December 2010

The BBC Trust has predictably had a rough ride since its inception, especially as it was initially created through political expediency as opposed to a natural requirement for change, therefore…

Frozen asset

Published 19 October 2010

It’s true that the BBC has now managed to secure licence fee funding for another six years, but only the most pessimistic would have thought anything otherwise under the circumstances;…

Frozen in time

Published 16 September 2010

Perhaps a very predictable thing to happen to the TV licence fee given recent events, but the decision to freeze the fee until at least 2013 further highlights ongoing weaknesses…

A battle may be won

Published 17 November 2009

BBC fears part of licence fee may still be used for ITV regional news But the war won’t finish unless the BBC learns to stop fighting – that seems to…

Can pay, won’t pay

Published 19 July 2009

Dear BBC: No, you can’t have my £142.50. Will I see you in court? There are really only two ways to view Mr Moore’s outburst of civil disobedience. It is…

Top-slicing: Been there, done that?

Published 18 July 2009

FT.com: Archives reveal BBC shared its fee It was perhaps inevitable that historical research into the BBC’s iicence fee would at some point unearth claims that the fee had previously…

Defending their share

Published 15 July 2009

MPs sign motion against top-slicing licence fee Ben Bradshaw attacks BBC bosses It was perhaps inevitable that there would now be open conflict between the BBC and certain government ministers…

Exactly the wrong thing to ask for

Published 3 July 2009

ITN newscaster Alastair Stewart calls for a “Beeching style enquiry” into the BBC to assess whether its services are all really “necessary and viable”. What a ridiculous idea.

Point of contention

Published 18 June 2009

Ben Bradshaw tells BBC: to save the licence fee, share it It’s not surprising that the final Digital Britain report has provoked a wide range of reactions, and it was…

Endangered species

Published 15 June 2009

Primeval dropped by ITV BBC set for clash over plans to give part of licence fee to rivals These two media stories may be fundamentally different in their nature but…

How to save Channel 4

Published 15 December 2008

So here are the options we’ve got so far…

Lies, statistics, and ITV viewing figures

Published 17 July 2008

Ofcom chairman disputes BBC’s ‘unique link’ with licence fee payers There’s more than a hint of trying to defend the indefensible when Ofcom chairman David Currie yet again attempts to…

Two-way street

Published 23 June 2008

BBC: ‘We’ll share expertise to save licence fee’ This could theoretically end up being the best solution to the lingering problem of how best to support broadcasters with public service…

This still doesn’t work

Published 31 March 2008

End BBC grip on licence fee You can tell that the Conservatives aren’t in power yet (and desperate for ideas) as they end up grasping an old policy that was…

The smell of blood

Published 23 January 2008

‘BBC outbid rivals by £2m to keep Ross’ Like a pack of hounds closing in to kill its prey, Channel 4’s executives are banking on any perceived missteps in how…

How to make the BBC fit for the twenty-first century?

Published 22 January 2008

A top-sliced licence fee will trigger the BBC’s destruction Whether de-coupling the licence fee from the BBC is the way forward or not (and I personally have my doubts), I…

Funding the BBC

Published 1 April 2007

The end of the BBC as we know it?

Review of the Year: 2005

Published 15 December 2005

A look back at a busy year of broadcasting January – Jerry Springer, who’ll buy ITV and a new look to Channel 4. 2005 got off to a bang when…

Pay Per View

Published 26 April 2003

The loss of a public funded BBC would be a tragedy, says Kif Bowden-Smith

Blank cheque

Published 1 June 2002

Malcolm Smith on different ways to police the licence fee

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