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The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Published 26 December 2022

A comprehensive record of television and radio schedules during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday 19 September 2022

Why do children like their Television?

Published 29 April 2022

The head of Children’s Television at the BBC explains why kids are drawn to the medium

News clippings

Published 21 April 2011

The BBC’s “Delivering Quality First” (or should that really read Delivering Cutbacks First?) initiative, which has borne witness to a deluge of “trial balloons” in recent weeks, seems to (finally)…

“We now have a World Wide Web page…”

Published 16 December 2010

Don’t forget to have your pen and paper handy to write down the address!

Happy (belated) birthday to the Broom Cupboard

Published 13 September 2010

For those children of the 80s the sight of Phillip Schofield in a cupboard will always be one that will hold a special place in our hearts. CBBC launched at 3:55 on 9 September 1985 and has been hanging around ever since.

Thirty Years of Grange Hill – Part III

Published 25 April 2009

Popularity and hard hitting plots.

Thirty Years of Grange Hill – Part II

Published 30 November 2008

The series is here to stay

What would happen if we didn’t fart? CBBC will tell us!

Published 23 May 2008

There is absolutely no doubt at all. Not one bit. You can guarentee that is there’s one programme that’s going to set the “decline of broadcasting” brigade off, it’s new CBBC programme Gastronuts, which, according to the Guardian, will “encourage kids to stew worms, catch farts in jars and bake toenail cakes”.

CBBC Circle

Published 24 May 2004

How to brand output for children

Everything I know

Published 17 July 2003

…was taught to me by Blue Peter, says Russ J Graham

Newsround Past

Published 2 April 2002

Take a journey back to the early days

Newsround Present

Published 1 April 2002

Newsround in the 21st Century

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