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In Town To-night

Published 29 April 2024

The hit BBC show bringing you the stars of the day

The Future of Sound Broadcasting

Published 15 April 2024

The BBC’s Director-General explains the changes in radio to staff in 1957

Broadcasting House, Glasgow

Published 15 March 2024

In depth into the equipment installed in the BBC’s new Broadcasting House in Glasgow in 1938

Radio 1 listeners wake up to Dvorak and Mozart

Published 10 December 2023

All change in 1978

A guide to BBC Radio in the 90s

Published 27 August 2023

Stickers to put on your radio, plus a guide to tuning in the new BBC Radio 5

Get set for radio changes…

Published 14 July 2023

BBC radio stations are moving. Here’s how to find them

The Coronation broadcasts

Published 6 May 2023

The BBC looks back at the Coronation earlier in 1937

Coronation broadcast

Published 6 May 2023

The text of George VI’s message to the Empire

BBC income and expenditure 1959-1960

Published 20 January 2023

The BBC tell staff where the money came from and went in 1959-60

BBC local radio maps

Published 24 October 2022

BBC local radio coverage maps

The problems of minority broadcasting

Published 26 August 2022

A BBC that does popular and minority programmes, or, as commercial competitors want, a BBC that only does minority interest shows?

This ‘fading out’!

Published 2 June 2022

What do we do when a programme over-runs? Fade it out, or run everything else late?

BBC VHF-FM transmitters in 1974

Published 24 May 2022

Your cut-out n’ keep guide to tuning into the three BBC FM services – some now in stereo! – in the UK

Who invents the jokes for ‘BAND WAGGON’?

Published 19 May 2022

The BBC’s most popular comedy show, around the world as well as at home, requires a team of writers

‘2 ZY Manchester Calling’!

Published 24 January 2022

A dryly humorous recollection of starting the BBC’s Manchester radio station in the 1920s

Radio on the move

Published 22 November 2021

It’s all change for BBC radio as the national networks move frequencies as part of a Europe-wide reorganisation

Listening with the Forces

Published 3 September 2021

Unusual audience research as the BBC goes direct to the forces in France to ask them what they’d like to hear on the radio

B.B.C. sheds battledress

Published 11 November 2020

Everything changes as the BBC switches from wartime to peacetime service on the radio

Tune-in battle on the radio

Published 4 November 2020

Independent local radio is on its way, says ATV’s Norman Collins… in 1959

Receiving the Home, Light and Third

Published 22 October 2018

Hints on receiving the Home Service, Light and Third Programmes from BBC Engineering in 1951

Broadcasting in the West

Published 8 October 2018

It’s 1949 and regional radio from the BBC Home Service is at its height. Our new special site reprints a BBC West of England booklet going behind the scenes of radio in the west and south west

The rise of ‘Take It From Here’

Published 24 September 2018

The 1950 BBC Handbook celebrates the big hit for the Light Programme in 1949: Take It From Here by Denis Norden and Frank Muir

The mike and I at Wembley

Published 6 March 2018

Ice hockey on the radio propels Stewart MacPherson from the press office at the Wembley Pool into a career with the BBC

“What are the Wild Waves Saying?”

Published 7 December 2017

The BBC’s chief engineer in 1923 takes a tongue-in-cheek look back at the trials and tribulations of developing simultaneous broadcasting (networking as we would now call it)

The Voice of Liberty

Published 28 November 2016

What the BBC meant to the people of occupied France

The birth of ITMA

Published 10 October 2016

Ted Kavanagh explains where wartime hit ‘ITMA’ came from

Tonight’s BBC radio… in 1938

Published 7 February 2016

A look at what was on the BBC’s radio networks on Monday 7 February 1938

Faces of war

Published 5 November 2015

The BBC decides to reveal all when war breaks out

Broadcasting the Bards

Published 9 March 2008

Welsh poetry on the air

Listen up!

Published 16 December 2007

BBC Listen Again goes upmarket – briefly

Revolution at the BBC

Published 3 October 2007

The birth of Radios 1-4

One, Two, Three, Four…

Published 3 October 2007

The coming of Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4

Radio’s tidal waves

Published 3 October 2007

Robin Carmody looks back on his Moment

Radio 1 memories

Published 3 October 2007

Roddy Buxton remembers

Past Radio 1

Published 3 October 2007

Recalling Radio 1

40 years of Radios 1-4

Published 3 October 2007

Mike Brown’s memories

Radio One at 40: an appraisal

Published 3 October 2007

Jonathan Bufton takes stock

Life with Radio 2

Published 3 October 2007

More than Sunday Lunch

Radio 1 – love it or loathe it

Published 3 October 2007

A love/hate relationship

Inform, educate, entertain

Published 3 October 2007

Radio 4: a personal history

A Musical Learning Curve

Published 3 October 2007

Radio One at 40

Radio Two: A personal memoir

Published 3 October 2007

Kirk Northrop surprises himself

Radio recall

Published 3 October 2007

Growing up with Radios 1 & 2

Stop The Week

Published 1 June 2007

Anatomy of a popular radio series

The Many Lives of BBC Radio Sport

Published 9 April 2007

Glenn Aylett looks at sports coverage since 1945

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