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Demonstration of Colour Television to Members of Parliament

Published 22 July 2022

The BBC tests NTSC colour on 405-lines for the benefit of MPs


Published 14 May 2022

Television prepares for its greatest triumph, to reach out beyond the frontiers of Europe and bring you instantaneous sights and sounds from six different countries

The future of television: The answer

Published 28 December 2021

Part Eleven: Keith Waterhouse of the Daily Mirror looks into the future of British television

The case for 405 line VHF colour

Published 8 December 2021

The general manager of Rediffusion on why we should go into colour now, in 1966

Correcting picture faults

Published 1 November 2021

Make sure your television set is fully adjusted to improve your viewing

New television standards: effect on British television

Published 19 February 2021

An upgrade from 405-lines to 625-lines is not enough on its own to get people to buy or rent new sets, says the BBC’s DC Birkinshaw in 1959

Continental television stations

Published 23 December 2020

A look at how television facilities have developed across Europe in 1967

Television apparatus

Published 31 July 2020

Television is coming soon and, the Nottingham Journal decides, the Baird system is the one to bet on

Why ITV is pulling out all the plugs

Published 24 June 2019

It’s almost S-night! With ITV about to convert from 405 to 625, the technology correspondent of the Sunday Times looks into what’s involved

Wired-up for service

Published 17 July 2018

Electrical maintenance: the beating heart of Television House and Wembley

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