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1 December 2023


G E Ward Thomas



I want to welcome you very sincerely to Yorkshire Television, and I hope you will settle down as quickly and smoothly as possible in your new surroundings. All of us have increasing demands on our time so I feel sure that the following guidelines will help you to feel at home, and will help to answer some of your problems.

The challenge facing Yorkshire Television is a fascinating and consuming one, and at the same time it is a challenge which, when met, as I know we shall meet it, will bring tremendous satisfaction and great pride in a job well done.

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Yorkshire Television


1 Premises

The new studios are being built in Kirkstall Road. Meanwhile, we have adjacent accommodation in Burley Road, where ample car-parking space is available. These premises are known as:

The Television Centre
Leeds 3
Telephone: 0LE2 38283

The London Office is:

Yorkshire House
7 Portland Place
London W1
Telephone: 01–636 9484


2 Your first day

Your first day When you arrive at the Television Centre, introduce yourself at Reception. You will be directed to Personnel Department. They will welcome you and introduce you to your colleagues, who will explain what the work of your department is and your contribution to it. Your Head of Department will see that you settle in and will take an active interest in your progress.


3 Terms of employment

Your general terms and conditions of employment are outlined in your letter of engagement or contract. If you wish to check them in detail, contact the Personnel Department.


4 Company pension scheme

The Company operates a contributory pension scheme for employees on the permanent staff who will normally be required to join, if within the age limits, at the earliest entry date laid down in the rules.

If you come within the scheme, you will get a written summary of it with your letter of engagement. Further information is available from the offices of the Company Secretary.


5 Outside interests and occupations: copyright

If you, as an employee of the Company, have to deal in any outside matter in which you have a private interest, disclose the facts to your Head of Department. Also, before taking on any outside occupation or freelance commitment, discuss it with him. The copyright in all work done by members of staff in the course of their employment with the Company belongs to the Company. Ex gratia payments will be considered should the copyright work be exploited in media other than television. Inventions of members of staff, if devised during the course of their employment, belong to the Company; suitable inventions will normally be developed and ex gratia payments may be made out of the exploitation proceeds.


6 Absence from the Television Centre

If, for personal reasons, you wish to leave the Television Centre or an outside location during working hours, make sure you have the permission of your Supervisor or Head of Department.


7 Annual leave

The basic leave entitlement within the Company is three weeks and the leave year runs from 1 January to 31 December. It is in your interests to check soon after joining the particular way in which leave is allocated within your department.

If you are in doubt at any time about your paid entitlement, as you may well be during your first year, check with your Head of Department.


8 If you are ill

If you are ill and cannot get to work, then please make sure your department is told, by telephone, first thing in the morning. This is important because you are important.

If you are away for more than two days, you need a medical certificate which you must send to the Personnel Department. You may either obtain a private medical certificate or a National Health sick note which you must complete in order to obtain sickness or injury benefit. Remember it is your responsibility to claim the benefit, which is deducted by the Company from your sick pay during periods of entitlement to full pay whether benefit is claimed or not.


9 Overtime and expenses

Make every effort to submit your claims not later than the Wednesday following the week in which the overtime or expenses were incurred.


10 Out of bounds

Never go into operational areas unless you are on duty there or have the permission of the Supervisor of the area.


11 Changes in circumstances

If you move house or change your telephone number, if you marry or have a child – in fact, if your status changes in any way – send a note immediately to the Personnel Department.


12 Smoking and no smoking

Smoking is not allowed in the studios during dress rehearsals or transmission, unless required by the action of the programme. Smoking is allowed, generally speaking, in most other areas – where it is not, there will be a notice. Use ashtrays and receptacles.


13 Fire

IMMEDIATELY tell the telephonist if you suspect, or find, an outbreak of fire.

If the fire alarm is sounded, leave the building immediately by your nearest fire exit.


14 Be tidy

Tidiness helps efficiency, and a tidy office, workshop or studio is a better and brighter place in which to work.

You can help by clearing desk tops overnight and putting away tools and equipment. Don’t keep papers you know you will never need again.

Notices and calendars should be pinned on a notice board, never on the wall.

The Business Department is responsible for allocating office equipment and typewriters, which must not be moved to other locations without permission.


15 Safety

Yorkshire Television is a member of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Your suggestions regarding safety should be referred to the Head of Personnel – but do immediately report urgent hazards to your Supervisor or Head of Department.


16 If an accident happens…

Contact the telephonist. Report to her any injuries, however slight.


17 Lost and found

If you lose or find anything, report it to the Business Department or Commissionaires.


18 Travel and transport

You must not use your car on Company business unless it has been authorized by your Head of Department and insured for this purpose. This is not only in your interests, but it is also to protect any other members of the staff who may travel with you as passengers.


19 Suggestions

Yorkshire Television welcomes any suggestions you may have for the improvement of operations generally, whether they involve direct financial savings or not. They should be sent to the Head of Personnel who will pass them on for consideration by the Company.


20 Press enquiries

Unless authorized, you should not answer enquiries, however innocuous they seem, from newspapers or trade publications. From time to time, newspaper men may try to make contact on unorthodox levels within the Company to ascertain information. Any questions, however innocent, should be referred to the Press Department.


21 Union relations and handling of problems

The Company is a party to national agreements with the entertainment industry trade unions. Included in the agreements is a procedure for the handling of problems or complaints which seem beyond internal solution. To ensure that this procedure works smoothly and is not used unnecessarily, it is important that the people directly connected with a problem have the first opportunity to get to know the facts and, if possible, produce the answers.

If, therefore, you have a problem, it is essential that your Supervisor and Head of Department is the first to hear about it from you. If they have been unable to cope with the problem to your satisfaction, then you may wish to refer it to your shop steward for formal discussion between the Company and your union. The shop steward and Personnel Department are there to handle the matter when it no longer appears capable of being solved within your department. In all other circumstances, both are available to help you informally with advice and guidance.


22 Visitors

Business visitors should be asked to report to Reception who must be informed in advance of their visit and who will contact you on their arrival.

Visitors are not allowed in operational areas when work is in progress and photographs may not be taken without written permission.


23 Moving house

The Personnel Department have information which you will find useful on housing, education, legal matters, bridging finance, house purchase, mortgages. removals and discount facilities for household and electrical goods.

Finally, if you have any questions that are not answered here, then do not hesitate to ask your Supervisor, Head of Department or Personnel Department.



An organisation chart of senior management and department heads of YTV



Yorkshire Television



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