A new look for the 90s 

3 November 2023 tbs.pm/79713

Look North's new logo, featuring a red diamond


Harry Gration and Judith Stamper




Two cameras point at the two presenters behind a desk. A map of the region is displayed behind them


♦ This is Studio A at the BBC’s Broadcasting Centre in Leeds – the home of ‘Look North’. The popular nightly news programme now has a bright new look for the 90s, with a studio set based on a mural of major landmarks in the region, a new signature tune, and a fresh opening title sequence.

♦ There are also new features within the programme, like a what’s on guide called ‘Look Out’ each Thursday, and even better sports coverage every Friday… plus, of course, the full service of news from across the region you’ve come to expect from the BBC.


A map of the region with towns named, including Harrogate, Hull, Sheffield and Lincoln


♦ Each weekday evening on BBC-1, the region’s top news stories are broadcast direct to your home by ‘Look North’.

♦ The programme’s presenters, Judith Stamper and Harry Gration, are backed by teams of staff in key cities across the region – Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, York and Lincoln, each home of a BBC local radio station. That’s because ‘Look North’ serves five million people in Yorkshire, Humberside and Lincolnshire, and works closely with the radio stations on its high-speed newsgathering operation.

♦ Our reporters and camera crews travel through the region to report on the news as it breaks, while back in the main studio in Leeds, a specialist team of journalists, designers and technicians help prepare for the live broadcast at 6.30pm. It’s a major nightly operation by BBC North to ensure you stay fully in the picture.


People sit at rows of desks

The busy computerised ‘Look North’ newsroom at Leeds.


An interviewers, cameraman and soundman behind a camera

Award-winning ‘Look North’ cameraman Ian Young and the Sheffield-based team on location.


Two men work at a video editing suite

Editing the videotape.


People sit at a control desk looking at a bank of monitors

The ‘Look North’ control room, the nerve-centre for live broadcasts.




BBC North offers unrivalled coverage of local news and current affairs on both tv and radio.


The ‘Look North’ team keep you up-to-date with the top news stories from your area on BBC-1 each weekday at 6.30pm. And don’t forget our weekend bulletin – ‘Look North Saturday’ on BBC-1 at 5.10pm, including highlights of the day’s sporting action in the regions.


Our journalists keep you in touch with regional news as it happens in tv bulletins throughout the day. There are now 11 regional bulletins each weekday, starting at 6.55am and ending with the regional round-up at 9.28pm.


On Thursday nights, BBC-2 offers a more detailed look at the big news and current affairs stories in ‘Close Up North’ – a series of in-depth reports on the region’s key issues.


There’s full political coverage of the Parliamentary and political scene in your area in ‘North of Westminster’ on BBC-2 each Sunday lunchtime while Parliament is in session. The programme includes film reports from around the regions=, interviews with local MPs, and coverage of Parliamentary debates.


In addition to tv coverage, your BBC local radio stations – Radios Leeds, York, Sheffield, Humberside and Lincolnshire – are on air from 6am with programmes throughout the day and into the night offering news, information, sport, debates and music.




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