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1 November 2023 tbs.pm/79370

Switch to Southern

1 November 1971



Your local ITV station

From today nearly all Reading TV viewers can receive an excellent
Southern Television picture from the ITA’s new Hannington UHF transmitter.
You can also receive BBC 1 and BBC 2 colour pictures from Hannington
– all on the same aerial.

Southern’s arrival means better reception – in black and white as well
as colour – plus an attractive service of local news and information mixed with the pick
of your favourite ITV network programmes.

In the feature overleaf are details of just a few of the benefits you will enjoy
by joining the big switch to Southern.

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Bigger TV choice and better picture

THE opening of the ITA’s new Hannington UHF transmitter means that most TV viewers in South Berkshire and North Hampshire can receive the finest quality pictures in colour and monochrome from Southern Television on Channel 42.

BBC-1 and BBC-2 UHF pictures of similar quality are also being transmitted from Hannington, near Kingsclere. The availability of an ITV channel which can be picked up on the same aerial thus means that a complete service can now be offered through Hannington.

High transmission power from the new station offers improved ITV reception – in black and white as well as colour – plus the extra bonus of an attractive service of local news and formation blended with favourite ITV network programmes.

Southern’s service of regional news and information – more than five hours weekly – is produced by teams of cameramen and reporters who won news and seven major awards in 1971 for outstanding contributions to regional television.


Watch out for Southern’s camera teams in the streets of Reading, Newbury, Basingstoke and elsewhere in the area. More specifically, watch out for the results of their work on Channel 42.

As well as the information service provided by features such as Southern News and the popular magazine programme Day By Day, Southern’s regional programmes offer wide range of entertainment including regular after noon programmes like Houseparty designed specially for viewers.

Elsewhere Jack Hargreaves highlights the opportunities for outdoor activities in the region in his Out Of Town series. John Junkin’s own light-hearted showcase Junkin is another top favourite among Southern viewers. Regional sport and religious activities also get their fair measure of coverage. And even farmers have their own special programme on Southern.

Of course, Southern will carry the pick of the ITV network programmes you’re already familiar with… Coronation Street, Hughie Green’s two shows, Opportunity Knocks and The Sky’s The Limit and the new Tony Curtis / Roger Moore adventure series, The Persuaders.

This is Your Life with Eamon Andrews is part of Southern’s entertainment, as is the Crossroads serial; comedy shows such as Please Sir and On The Buses. Sport includes Professional Wrestling, The Big Match, and there are the major drama series and documentaries, arts features like Aquarius, the current affairs programmes This Week and World In Action, national news bulletins including News At Ten… and a host of others. In addition of course, there are many programmes Southern Television contributes to the national network, particularly children’s features such as Freewheelers, How, Bright’s Boffins and Little Big Time.



Aerials may need swinging round

FOR the best reception results on all three channels, a type H/E UHF aerial is recommended. It must, of course, be directed towards Hannington.

Only by using the correct aerial will you enjoy the maximum benefit from the clearer definition offered by UHF 625-line pictures whether in colour or black and white.

In some cases viewers with UHF aerials directed towards the ITA and BBC London transmitters will be able to obtain a satisfactory picture by redirecting their antennae towards Hannington.

In other cases these viewers will be able to obtain a reasonable Southern picture off the “back” of a London-oriented aerial simply by re-tuning the spare channel control or button available on all recently manufactured UHF receivers.

Viewers who share communal aerials may have to make a special request to the authorities controlling them if they wish to receive the Southern Television signal from Hannington. In certain cases this facility will be provided automatically.


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