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A white sphere blasts over a rooftop. The text of the adjoining article is reproduce below.

Coventry Evening Telegraph, 28 December 1981


White Sphere seen in sky over Nottingham

MRS. BETTY DAVIES of Lenton Lane, Nottingham, was out walking her dog. Benjie, two nights ago near Charnwood Forest. when she reported seeing a white object in the sky.

“It approached from the south, and then seemed to hover over the centre of Nottingham, before moving off in a westerly direction.. towards Birmingham,” she said.

Mrs. Davies was alone at the time and her report was unsubstantiated until we received this photograph today.


People standing around cars stare into the sky. The text of the adjoining article is reproduce below.

Coventry Evening Telegraph, 30 December 1981


M6 traffic halted by second White Sphere sighting

FOR four hours last night, traffic was at a standstill on both carriageways of the M6 near Birmingham.

People left their cars and pointed into the evening sky at a white sphere which seemed to hover over the road sixty feet in the air.

First on the scene was Mr. Nicholas Reeve from Birmingham. “I was driving along when I saw this enormous white sphere up in the sky. At first I thought it was the moon, then it moved.”

As traffic began to build up on the motorway, people got out of their cars to watch the object in the sky.

“Suddenly it seemed to swoop down, then zoomed off towards the East,” Mr. Reeve added.

Air traffic controllers report nothing appearing on their radar screens.

A spokesman said the ministry concerned was looking into the matter.

ITV stated late last night that they would be interviewing people who had actually witnessed the sphere.


A white sphere in the form of a comet. The text of the adjoining article is reproduce below.

Coventry Evening Telegraph, 31 December 1981


ITV investigation into ‘White Sphere’ tomorrow night

FOLLOWING what amount to hundreds of sightings of a strange white sphere over east and west regions of central England, ITV today announced that they will be running a special investigation into the phenomenon.

“People are demanding to know what this is all about”, said a spokesman. “Unidentified flying objects are not exactly a common sight. I think we owe it to the public to give them the facts, as we see them”. He went on to say “There have been attempts to dismiss the sphere as a hoax in certain quarters. We intend to keep the public fully informed at all times.”


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