Tonight’s Anglia and Channel 4… in 1988 

5 September 2018

The TVTimes tells us what’s on Anglia and Channel 4 on Monday 5 September 1988. Things worth noting include:


Among the TV-am presenter roster are two broadcasters better associated with careers at Sky Television: Richard Keys, part of the BSB staff retained by the Murdoch organisation; and Adam Boulton, who has been part of Sky News’ editorial team since 1989.

We’re less than a month away from the launch of Granada’s This Morning, but one half of the original presenting-line up pops up at 9.25am. Richard Madeley replaces Chris Serle as the host of Runway. While we await weekday visits to the Albert Dock in Liverpool, the programme for younger viewers temporarily resides in a 10.00am slot, and an animated movie offers entertainment for children yet to return to school. Australian soap operas and news updates sit either side of live snooker coverage in the afternoon.

Yorkshireman Mark Granger becomes the new anchorman for Children’s ITV at 4.00pm, where not one, but two series air as TSW commissions – one from the same stable as The Muppets, and another employing the voices behind the lead characters of Minder. Meanwhile, the second series of Anglia’s virtual-reality game show commences at 4.45pm.

The recently-departed Alistair Yates – another journalist soon to seek employment at Sky – is part of the About Anglia team, while the Tennyson citation is somewhat at odds with the premise of Pure Strength; a programme produced for Grampian Television for its previous one-off editions, and now taken on board by Thames for its series format.

British soap opera of a Mancunian variety is followed by American melodrama of a New York flavour during the evening; with more Australian fiction turning up between late-night sports coverage courtesy of Prisoner: Cell Block H.

New series, such as Pick of the Week and Night Beat, feature in overnight slots as 24-hour broadcasting has now become almost-standard in every region. By this stage, only Ulster Television is closing down, although they’re just about to receive approval from the IBA to join in with the rest of the ITV network, eventually going round-the-clock at Havelock House on October 3.

Channel 4

Schools programmes are yet to return for another two weeks, hence a later start-up time for 4 today. Shows aimed at a younger audience dominate the first two hours of the day, while one of the channel’s early magazine formats, Years Ahead, can be found in the pre-afternoon-quiz slot.

Scottish and Anglia contribute outdoor-set series to Channel 4 on this day, while it’s a late closedown following live coverage of a sport which had considerable support in the UK during the late 1980s. The NFC East Division tie resulted in a 27-20 home win for the Giants. Stateside, this game was the season opener for ABC’s Monday Night Football.

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Arthur Nibble 7 September 2018 at 9:58 am

At 10.00 on ITV, the inferior and much reviled replacement for “Pipkins”.

I love the fact that “Tube Mice” is presented by a TV company whose most easterly part of their region must be 150 miles from the Underground.

Robert Michael Fearn 23 April 2020 at 12:56 pm

To be brutally honest “Pipkins” was equally shite – sometimes, anyway.

MAURIZIO 20 December 2023 at 3:07 am

Hello – I am looking for filmnet programme listings from 1988 and teleclub too – also sky movies from March 1989. Can you help ? Please let me know all the best. Maurizio in the U.K

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