Tonight’s TWW and Teledu Cymru… in 1967 

26 July 2017

Television Weekly tells us what was on TWW and Teledu Cymru on Wednesday 26 July 1967. Things worth noting include:

  • It’s Summer on Television Wales and West, Wednesday 26th July 1967 to precise. TWW starts up in the early afternoon with first of two sporting fixtures that day. Get those bets on as it’s Racing from Redcar at 2.15pm with thanks to the Tyne Tees Outdoor Unit. Just under two hours later TWW rests its transmitters and maybe the staff make a quick trip to the betting shop to pick up their winnings?
  • Be quick though as the interlude at 4.10pm is just 15 minutes long. In the meantime, Mothers across Wales and the West plonk their brood in front of the soothing music, promising them that Uncle Alan with be with them shortly for another of Tinker’s Tales.

  • Mother is no doubt also looking forward to seeing Meg back at helm at the Crossroads Motel at 4.30pm.
  • Just before 5pm… or whenever TWW are ready to air it, is their Children’s strand presented by Ivor Roberts, kicking off with ATV’s Junior Sportsweek and followed by the, probably far less energetic Southern offering, Country Boy, about a Cockney Lad and his two country uncles. The mind boggles.
  • Over on Teledu Cymru, they shy away from Ivor and simply air Junior Sportsweek at 5pm, followed by the first of today’s Welsh offerings, Tri Chynnig (Three Tries), a game for young folk. They re-join TWW at 5.55pm for the ITN News before airing today’s edition of Y Dydd.

  • On TWW Reports we come across a young Bruce Hockin and Sally Alford, who both moved across to HTV West the following Spring.

  • Following the News, TWW takes the Granada student quiz Sixth Form Challenge hosted by Clapperboard and Food & Drink presenter Chris Kelly.
  • On Teledu Cymru it’s a case of you Jane, Me Tarzan at 6.20pm followed by an update of the news in English at 6.50pm, before jumping back into the jungle action at 7pm.
  • TWW air another Granada show at 7pm, All Our Yesterdays. Personally I would have rather had Tarzan!
  • Both regions regroup at 7.30pm for Coronation Street. In today’s show Annie Walker discusses the pros and cons of legalising homosexuality tomorrow with Ena and come to a right to do… ahem!
  • Moving on to action with The Baron at 8pm, a TWW Presentation of an ITC programme. Did you know that this was the first full-colour ITC series that didn’t have puppets in it? Ooh… please yourselves!
  • It’s 9pm on TWW and time for American import Peyton Place, followed by yet another Granada programme Cinema at 9.30pm and then the News at Ten with Andrew Gardner and Reggie Boozey… sorry Bosanquet.
  • At 10.30pm Kent Walton whisks us up to Cleethorpes for Professional Wrestling. Then we’re up to Scotland at 11.15pm to be entertained by people I’ve never heard of, thanks for that Grampian!
  • And finally following My Kinda Folk is the normal end of day waffle fest and religious news for those who aren’t really that fussed. The Summing Up, thankfully at five minutes (too) long, is followed by the Weather Forecast and then it’s time for TWW to bid you a fond goodnight before the clock hits midnight. *Fade to black* And, if you are still with us… you won’t forget to switch off your sets, now will you? Goodnight!

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Nigel Stapley 26 July 2017 at 6:05 pm

Worth pointing out that three of the presenters of Y Dydd – Gwyn Erfyl, Gwyn Llewelyn and Gwilym Owen – were to be mainstays of Welsh-language broadcast journalism for the next three decades or more. And that Dafydd Iwan’s exposure on the programme – along with his courageous actions on behalf of the language, which earned him gaol time – was a springboard to his becoming the premier exponent of Welsh pop and folk music for many years to come, as well as being the co-founder of Sain, the main Welsh-language record label of the 70s and 80s.

Alan Keeling 26 July 2017 at 8:55 pm

In the 8pm slot is The Baron, an ITC thriller series from 1965/66, in episode 8 of the series, the guest stars include Philip Madoc & Mike Pratt. At 9pm the continuing story of Peyton Place still continues, that is until 1969. Midland viewers never saw this US series until January 1969.

Arthur Nibble 27 July 2017 at 1:21 pm

I like the way “Junior Sportsweek” features some of the up-and-coming youngsters who may well be the stars of tomorrow – like future “Magpie” presenter Tony Bastable, recently featured in an up-and-coming “Look-In” item in a similar vein on this bespoke site.

The Grampian show at 11.15 featured Julie Felix, who managed two top 30 hits in 1970 (plus she became the first act to release a single on Mickie Most’s RAK label that wasn’t a hit). I seem to remember her on telly quite a lot in the sixties singing “Daddy’s Taking Us To The Zoo Tomorrow”.

Paul Mason 28 July 2017 at 5:57 am

Country Boy is something I recall with boredom. I don’t remember TWO adults on the programme only Jack Hargreaves and his ghastly pipe. They boy had to sit in TOTAL SILENCE while old.Jack rambled on about rural crafts and traditions. I can only assume BBC1s offer was worse. Jack Hargreaves was on HOW which started in 1966 but he did a shorter rural lecture. It must be pointed out JH was higher up the Southern TV management. TO think Fred Dineage was the YOUNGSTER then!
Granada TV started showing Peyton Place at 4.15pm M-F from Monday 21/9/1970. Remember it well.
A little but morbid coincidence regarding Andrew Gardner and Reginald Bosanquet. They were called the Morecambe and Wise of the news. Bosanquet died aged 51 the same day in May 1984 that Eric Morecambe did, and Andrew Gardner some weeks after Ernie Wise in 1999. RB was not an alcoholic he was epileptic.
On a happier note John Humphrys did TWWs Police Five. He was later to become a BBC newsreader and still presents BBC Radio 4 Today programme but may retire soon. And of course he does Mastermind.

Arthur Nibble 28 July 2017 at 9:38 am

I thought I’d seen that “Television Weekly” cover fairly recently…

Russ J Graham 28 July 2017 at 6:04 pm

Just like the BBC, some of our best stuff is repeats. ?

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