Tonight’s Yorkshire TV… in 1978 

1 February 2017

The TVTimes tells us what was on Yorkshire Television on Wednesday 1 February 1978. Things worth noting include:

  • Daytime on ITV was always a good chance for the smaller companies to get something networked. Today it’s the turn of HTV West at 12.30pm with some West Country jazz.
  • Granada’s Crown Court at 1.30pm branches out from the usual shoplifting, assault and manslaughter cases into a blasphemy trial.
  • A choice of viewing on ITV at 2pm, with three possible “women’s programmes” – Thames’s After Noon is carried by YTV; Anglia takes Southern’s Houseparty and TTT takes HTV West’s Women Only.
  • Hadleigh at 2.25pm had been an early hit for the new Yorkshire Television and ran for four – very spaced out – series in 1969, 1971, 1973 and 1976. This is a repeat of the fifth episode of the 1976 series, previously seen in April of that year.
  • None of the episode guides I’ve consulted say that tonight’s This is Your Life at 7pm went out, let alone list a guest, suggesting that something prevented the episode from being shown as planned. The 25 January and 8 February editions did go out as normal, so the episode may have been displaced to 8 February, in which case Eamonn Andrews’ victim was Pat Coombes.
  • ATV’s I’m Bob, He’s Dickie at 8pm is one of three comedy specials shown in 1977-8 under this title.
  • Adams of Eagle Lake at 11.25pm had a troubled history. It began life as Winter Kill in 1974, a TV movie for ABC that was also a pilot for a series. ABC didn’t pick it up. It was retooled as Adams, but managed a mere 2 episodes, again for ABC, before being cancelled in 1975. Andy Griffith tried again with another retooled version, The Girl in the Empty Grave, which aired as a TV movie on NBC. That seemed more promising, with NBC commissioning a second movie, Deadly Game, but then losing interest, at which point the format finally died.

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Arthur Nibble 2 February 2017 at 10:19 am

Two rainbows in a row, sort of – “Rainbow” was preceded by a programme whose theme tune was released as a single by Rainbow Cottage, an all left-handed group from Wigan who just missed the top 30 with “Seagull” two years earlier.

Oooo! Mike Read in a pop music quiz, and it isn’t on the BBC.

DAVE RHODES 4 February 2017 at 5:57 pm

Can’t find ‘Aren’t We All’ online, but the full text of the play is on

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