Tonight’s HTV… in 1989 

27 February 2016

The TVTimes gives us a run down of HTV programmes for Monday 27 February 1989. Things worth noting include:

  • We’re well into the era of 24-hour broadcasting, so the TVTimes has moved the start of the day to 5am, meaning we get the last programme from ITV proper before TV-am takes over. The various companies made more or less of the jump at 6am depending on whim, some not mentioning it at all, some doing something of a parody of an old fashioned closedown at 5.59am
  • TV-am’s finances have completely recovered, the station has felt secure in reintroducing the hour-long news programme it had promised the Independent Broadcasting Authority it would start each day with back in 1983. Here it’s called The Morning Programme, although over the years it was also called Daybreak, First Reports and Sky News on TV-am
  • Schools programmes have long since buggered off to Channel 4 and morning television is now a gameshow from TVS, The Time… The Place… (the name is meant to suggest that it moves around the network, as it does; but the timeslot was fixed so… erm…), and This Morning from Granada’s now abandoned studios in Liverpool
  • Neatly, the TVTimes realises there’s no need to put “1pm” before ITN News at One. The result still looks weird
  • Snooker. On ITV. Almost two hours of it. On ITV. Wow
  • I was 14 at this point in time. I watched The Real Ghostbusters, Press Gang and Home and Away like all 14-year-olds. Children’s ITV presenter Mark Granger has been completely forgotten by me, and by everybody except one unembeddable YouTube video. He was a cute little camp thing. I still don’t remember him
  • A brief diversion over to Channel 4 and 1.30pm’s So We Bought A Computer with Carol Vorderman. I’m guessing the computer in question was an Apple Macintosh SE/30. Or possibly an IBM-compatible PC with Windows 2. Or an Acorn Archimedes. Anyway, nothing anybody actually had at home
  • Inspector Wexford makes an appearance for TVS in The Ruth Rendell Mysteries at 9pm with a dramatisation of 1975’s “Shake Hands Forever”. The disarray of the TVS archives means you’re looking at spending a ridiculous amount of cash to get as much of the series as has appeared so far on DVD
  • Much love to the TVTimes for including the HTV Night Club logo before the 24-hour dross starting at 12.30am
  • YTV’s Pick of the Week at 12.30am was always worth staying up for, even when it appeared at 4.30am in other regions, as it put the logo of the ITV company concerned before each excerpt. Except TVS, where they used the weird and never-seen-elsewhere triangular logo of parent company TVS Entertainment
  • HTV’s 4am look at A Week in the Life of… is clearly an excuse to show soft porn. But much of the 1980s was just an excuse to show soft porn, so who can blame them? Samantha Stone still turns up mostly nude in the newspapers, but the papers in question are the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday, so that’s alright then apparently

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Victor Field 27 February 2016 at 9:37 pm

Lucky old TVS, getting “I Spy” and “Get Smart” during their all-night schedule.

Arthur Nibble 28 February 2016 at 5:38 pm

I had to look up who “Pyramid Game” celebrity Lucy Fleming was. The daughter of Dame Celia Johnson and niece of Ian Fleming, Lucy was an actress. Hers was the only character to survive all three series of “Survivors”.

One of ITV’s unusual attempts at “Play School” at 12.10, compered by the head-turning duo of Pat Coombs and Keith Chegwin. And we thought nearly two hours of snooker on ITV was incredible.

A 20-year-old Julia Sawalha at 4.45. Memories.

“The TV Times realises there’s no need to put “1pm” before “ITN News at One”. The result still looks weird”
– especially as we get the time shown before “News At Ten”.

Arthur Nibble 29 February 2016 at 9:53 am

“Pyramid Game” celebrity Lucy Fleming played the only character who survived all three series of “Survivors”.

An unstoppable combo of Pat Coombs and Keith Chegwin hosting a programme for under-fives at 12.10.

So, “News at One” doesn’t get a time prefix in the listings, neither does “News at 5.40”, but the best known of the news programmes does have its time shown beforehand.

Arthur Nibble 29 February 2016 at 9:59 am

Sorry about that – my post from yesterday wasn’t showing on my PC this morning, so I entered a truncated version, only for the original post to appear.

While I’m here, I’ll just add that I love the description of Granada’s film in their listings. Never thought I’d see the words “Classic zombie shocker” in TV Times.

Dave 13 December 2020 at 9:45 pm

Hi, does anyone know if when the series V the miniseries was shown on ITV?. Although im not sure but I think it was late 88 and early (Jan) 89. Is there a listings I can find online of that year?. Its a pity there’s no official ITV listings like with the BBC Genome, listings I have found (sites like TVRDB) are often very scant with incomplete listings, plus not every region shown the same programme or film has another region. Old TV Times that can be found on ebay are being listed for silly prices. Would be good if there was an archive is old scanmed magazines of listings.

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