Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1950 

17 March 2015

Radio Times 17 March 1950

From the Radio Times for Friday 17 March 1950 comes this run down of what you could be watching on the BBC. Things worth noting:

  • Television’s only channel serves London and the Midlands on VHF in 405-lines black and white. The next stage of the expansion of the service would be in a year and a half with the opening of a transmitter to serve northern England.
  • In a standard-sized edition of the Radio Times, the magazine gives a munificent two whole pages to television, each day being given roughly a quarter of a page, plus this dull featured image.
  • The schedule has not changed all that much since the pre-war Television Service – the 8 programmes (4 repeated) across 2 hours of 1938 being very similar to the 6 programmes across 3 and a bit hours here.
  • The news is in sound only, mainly because the BBC had an irrational fear that newsreaders on-screen would display emotions relating to news stories across their faces and give the impression of bias.
  • Fashions from Cotton is, in effect, an advertising magazine paid for by the statutory Cotton Board, based in Manchester (a city not covered by television at this time).
  • This standard dull schedule would be enlivened somewhat after television caught on with the masses in the wake of the coronation.

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