Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1990 

26 August 2014

B 19900826 BBCtv

From the Radio Times for Sunday 26 August 1990 comes this run down of what you could be watching. Things worth noting:

  • A typical BBC-1 Sunday from the late 1980s through to the mid-1990s – a mix of public service output, “features” and religion. The film at 8.35pm swallows the slot typically given to a BBC drama serial around this time
  • BBC-2 is at the end of its “BBC1.5” period of showing things that are just a bit too heavy for BBC-1. As the decade continues, the channel gets a new purpose and a new feel – aiming itself at babyboomers and their young offspring. It’s making moves in that direction, but when it finally happened, BBC-2 was truly brilliant. For a time.
  • Yes, the 10am film from 1950 does indeed feature Dean Stockwell, a long-serving movie actor now strangely best known for his role as a hologram on NBC’s Quantum Leap
  • The Sky at Night is still in place on BBC-1

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vole 26 August 2014 at 5:17 pm

Moviedrome :)

Arthur Nibble 15 September 2014 at 10:54 pm

Okay, so whose bright idea was it to overlap BBC2’s programme on land conservation with the mutually exclusive “Countryfile” on BBC1?

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