One for the Road 

1 August 2007

In the summer of 2005, Tyne Tees Television moved out of the City Road studios – its home since 1959. Former Tyne Tees employee John G White, penned this musical tribute to the departure.


City lights seem dim tonight

The eye on the river has lost its sight

The view from the gallery will never be the same

As city road looses its biggest name

No more people between the floors

Nor the miles and miles of empty corridors

An eerie silence in studio 5

It’s hard to believe it was so alive.


Lets have one for the road

For the memories, and the people we’ve known

They’ve gone, but not from our hearts

Now the time has come to make a new start.

Guitar solo

New erections shade the future, now it’s all alone

Glass and concrete send it to a previous time zone

Keeping appearance is a difficult thing

When all around the world evolves in a spin

We all remember times we’d love to live in, again


The man from the sally, he finds the bins bare

Around at the Egypt, there’s no on in there

Everyone’s gone a new place to dwell

So for now its goodbye NE1 2AL

Chorus x2

Music ©2007 John G White. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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