Myths about Idents 

7 December 2005

Distorted Southern Television logo

Blue was electronically added to many black and white idents when colour arrived.

Myth Source: Urban myth

Only partially true: most black and white idents were originally white-on-blue or yellow-on-blue (white-on-black overwhelming 405-line cameras due to too much contrast). Many colour idents were simply the monochrome ones viewed as designed for the first time.

The first Thames ident was the skyline ident.

Myth Source: Internet myth

The first ident seen on Thames was the plain ‘Television House’ version. The second ident, used concurrently until the arrival of colour, was the skyline version.

The monochrome version of ATV’s Zoom 2 ident was the inspiration for Central’s first idents.

Myth Source: Internet myth


The ABC triangle was the first ABC ident dating back to 1956.

Myth Source: Internet myth

The ABC shield was the first logo of this company, followed by two variants (in typeface) of the ABC triangle.

In 1969 ATV changed its animation and revamped its jingle for the final time, this arrangement was to stay with ATV until 1981.

Myth Source: Internet myth

There was more than one colour version of the ATV Zoom ident music during the course of the 70s, as well as a black and white version of the ident and music.

Tyne Tees has one ident between 1959 and 1969.

Myth Source: Urban Myth

Tyne Tees had one symbol between 1959 and 1969 – the ‘TTT’. However, their main ident changed several times, eventually ending up as the TTT symbol in a television screen shape.

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