Snatch of the day

6 November 2023

ITV audaciously steals the football from the BBC and BSB

A Producer’s Panics

16 January 2023

Anthony Craxton recalls a few OBs he’d rather forget

The Sporting Week – Behind the Scenes

18 April 2022

World of Sport airs every Saturday on ITV – but work on the programme begins on Tuesday

How they put sport into Saturday’s Grandstand

29 November 2021

The behind-the-scenes chaos that translates to a professional on-screen programme

Voice behind the vision

22 March 2021

You may not recognise his face, but Anglia viewers in 1963 were certainly familiar with his voice

ITV help England’s cup bid

15 July 2018

Watch the World Cup 1966 on ITV and win £1,000!

Silence in Sport?

3 October 2017

Should commentators just shut up? The TVTimes asks Southern’s team in 1965

Olympics – TV’s top suspense story

25 August 2016

How ITV brought us the pictures from the 1964 Olympics

Good afternoon, grapple fans

29 January 2013

For over thirty years, there was only one place to be at Four O’Clock in the afternoon on a Saturday: in front of a television set watching a phenomenon, some might say a battle between good and evil.

Playing away

9 March 2008

Premier League goes international?

Soccer Saturday

1 May 2007

A sports broadcasting phenomenon analysed

The Sporting Class

29 April 2006

Television, sport and social class

Choose sport or war

17 July 2003

Damien Cahill watches the broadcasters decide

Ladies and gentlemen, play

17 July 2003

Jeff Bartrop on the BBC/Wimbledon connection

A day attheraces

1 January 2003

Ian Beaumont bets on Channel Four


1 February 2002

Robin Carmody on a time without football

Australian Rules Cricket

1 February 2002

Damien Cahill watches cricket down under


2 January 2002

Robin Carmody on Grandstand and its critics

Football focus

2 January 2002

Jeff Bartrop watches the World Cup


2 January 2002

Damien Cahill on football’s recovery

Sport active

2 January 2002

Andrew Corcoran on pressing red

Premiership problems

2 January 2002

Carl Ellis on the errors in TV rights

Rugby International

2 January 2002

Carl Ellis watches the Super League

A league of their own

2 January 2002

Carl Ellis sees Rugby League spread

Into the premier league

2 January 2002

Colm O’Rourke on how Sky changed football

Regional fun and games

1 January 2002

Carl Ellis’s overlaps ruin a football game

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