The ITV giant

22 May 2023

An interview with Lord Aylestone of the IBA discusses ITV-2 and breakfast TV

Tuning in with the winners

22 September 2022

Elkan Allan looks at what convinced the IBA to pick TVS, TSW and TV-am

The Frost freakout

5 October 2020

A show is disrupted by unwashed sweary rebels. No, not that one.

Never on a Sunday

17 January 2019

The British cabinet discusses what ITV should be showing on Sunday afternoons in 1955

They watch your viewing

7 January 2019

The Independent Television Authority took on new powers in 1964. The TVTimes in February 1965 explains what these are and how the ITA is structured

Losers search for the silver lining

31 May 2018

What will Thames, TVS, TSW and TV-am do next? Broadcast magazine speculates in September 1992

Thames puts faith in C5

14 May 2018

Thames is left as the sole bidder for the new Channel 5 licence in 1992… but investors are restless

Victorian Television

10 May 2018

The Wall Street Journal looks on aghast at the 1991 ITV franchise auction

TV, the child, and the critic

24 July 2017

A report wonders if children’s television is good for 1959’s children

How to win an IBA franchise

14 February 2017

A tongue-in-cheek list of simple dos and don’ts of applying for an ITV contract from the IBA

Where do we go from here?

14 November 2016

Lord Hill of Luton’s statement about the 1964 franchise round

Violence – what is the truth?

16 May 2016

A recently retired Lord Justice of Appeal tells the TVTimes in 1961 that violence on TV has no effect on anybody and should be banned

I say NO to TV censorship

11 April 2016

Michael Foot takes aim at those who want to see television made cozy

Guardian of taste

21 March 2016

Charles Curran interviews Lord Hill of Luton about sex on ITV in 1966

Why is TV still rationed?

27 January 2016

The TVTimes in 1965 wonders why there are only 50 hours a week of TV programmes

Trouble with transmitters

23 March 2015

CREATING INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: Setting up ITV gets serious – transmitters (or the lack of them)

One in the Eye for ITV

9 March 2015

Private Eye’s Footnotes column explains what happened behind the scenes in the 1967 franchise round

Not open all hours

19 January 2015

Why were broadcasting hours capped until the 1970s?

Choosing the companies

5 January 2015

CREATING INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: The ITA picks the players for the new ITV in 1954

The Television Act

6 October 2014

CREATING INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: How vague legislation created a pin-sharp television system

Where do we go from here?

1 September 2014

Lord Hill thinks aloud about ITV’s future in 1963, while A-R doesn’t listen

Brush Under Carpet

11 May 2008

Can TV shows be interactive?

Four into three goes…

1 April 2005

Three regions, four contractors. How? Why? asks Richard G Elen

Southern Rhapsody

1 January 2002

Phil Paterson watches the IBA kill a station

Vital vulgarity

1 January 2002

The Television Act 1954 didn’t create ITV – the genius of Sir Kenneth Clark did that

The Good Fight

1 July 2001

Robin Carmody on Harold Wilson’s paranoia

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