Colour TV

Colour TV? It made me see red!

30 October 2023

L Marsland Gander experiences the horrors of NTSC colour

Border TV nails its colour to the mast

1 August 2023

Border Television’s tenth birthday brings something new: colour

Colour TV: This is how it will look when it comes

10 July 2023

Back to mechanical television as a way of bringing colour into your home

Demonstration of Colour Television to Members of Parliament

22 July 2022

The BBC tests NTSC colour on 405-lines for the benefit of MPs

New television standards: effect on British television

19 February 2021

An upgrade from 405-lines to 625-lines is not enough on its own to get people to buy or rent new sets, says the BBC’s DC Birkinshaw in 1959

Mendip mast opening – full colour plan

3 February 2021

Get ready for something new: HTV West is about to launch with local programmes for local people

Colour TV from Aberdeen today marks decade of Grampian viewing

24 July 2020

Ten years of Grampian are celebrated by them going into colour in 1971

‘Flutter Colour’ TV in Birmingham

20 July 2020

The future of black-and-white is here: subjective colour

BBC ‘Colourful One’

15 November 2019

It’s C-Day! The Controller of BBC-1 and an array of newspaper critics look at what colour will bring to the channel

Have faith in colour

5 July 2018

Lord Bernstein thinks that colour is a waste of money. The Daily Telegraph in 1969 does not

A year of colour

23 April 2018

David Attenborough looks back at a year of BBC-2 in colour

Think again!

3 April 2018

The Daily Express is outraged in 1966 when the government announces there will be no colour on BBC-1 and ITV

How ITV set the pace in colour

12 June 2017

Colour comes to ITV, courtesy of tests done by ITA chief engineer Howard Steele

Face up to colour

15 November 2016

The changes the make-up artists at Thames, Yorkshire and ATV had to make for the introduction of colour TV

Having faith in colour

26 January 2015

Sydney Bernstein argues against going colour in 1969

Getting 2 colour

25 July 2014

The BBC encourages us to tune our sets correctly for BBC-2 and colour in 1968

Colour my life

24 May 2004

Watching BBC-1 change to 625 colour

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