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The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

26 December 2022

A comprehensive record of television and radio schedules during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday 19 September 2022

Crisis facing Border TV

7 September 2020

Will Border Television go to the wall due to the ITV levy and the costs of introducing colour?

Satellite TV Stage Two ups the risk stakes

24 August 2020

BSB launches this Sunday… let battle commence

Does TV destroy our heroes?

3 April 2017

Do we know too much about famous people because of television? Sam Heppner isn’t sure in 1971

A remarkable feeling of confidence

5 December 2016

How does an examination of public school education in public life stand up 48 years later?

The Fab Four meet the Big Four

21 January 2016

The intertwined worlds of The Beatles and 1960s ITV


2 February 2015

You don’t get me, I’m part of the union

The filth and the fury

24 February 2013

The influence of punk upon television, and the influence of television upon punk

Don’t throw out the baby

30 November 2008

Re-regulation mustn’t go too far

The Contract Killing of Quality Television

23 September 2008

Paranoia replaces professionalism

Truth or Fair?

8 April 2008

The media and its audience

Democratisation or death?

9 March 2008

Can we trust new media?

Selling off the BBC

8 January 2008

Outsourcing is not privatisation

Bias at the Beeb?

2 September 2007

Has the BBC lost its way?

The night I stopped watching television

1 July 2007

Nigel Stapley’s TV Licence expires.

Goodbye Entertainment

1 July 2007

Hitting out at Reality TV

Media on Mars

1 June 2007

Life and the media – then and now

Mangling the Archives

31 December 2006

Losing so many archive recordings is tragic. Messing up the ones we still have makes it even worse.

The thrill has gone

2 December 2006

A rant about modern broadcasting

A word in your ear

1 February 2006

Bernard Keeffe is concerned about the corruption of broadcast English

Why PSB matters

2 October 2005

The need for public service broadcasting


1 January 2005

We’ve dumbed-down the audience

Private eyes

1 January 2005

Private television would benefit everyone

Blurring the lines

1 January 2004

Free media. Free… to do what?

Street Cred

1 January 2004

Ratings shouldn’t be the only yardstick

The True Cost

1 January 2004

Because commercial television isn’t free

Between two stools

1 January 2004

The British approach to public service


1 January 2004

The true meaning of ‘bias’ revealed

The Hangman’s Ancient Sunlight

17 July 2003

Farming, fascism and Radio Four

A vote for ITV

13 July 2003

Is the BBC red and ITV blue?

Tellytubby television

18 May 2003

Because we’re all stupider now


1 January 2003

Legislating against good television

The end of the BBC

1 January 2003

The Right’s view of a hotbed of Marxism

Conservatism against itself

1 January 2003

Cultural contradiction in Thatcherism

Public Service ITV

1 January 2003

Inside a socialist myth

Nationalise broadcasting

1 January 2003

A better way?

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