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Back in time for TV: 1983

Published 20 April 2020

H E Cooper takes her time machine back to 1983 to find out what was on the telly…

Charged debate

Published 7 August 2011

The BBC’s popular and occasionally controversial Top Gear programme has been back in the news again for apparently upsetting car company Nissan; this is on top of another dispute over…

Hit list

Published 14 December 2009

Delia Smith and Michael Palin of ‘limited appeal’, says leaked BBC list Any list such as this leaked internal document from BBC Knowledge should be treated with great caution simply…


Published 6 February 2009

Jeremy Clarkson apologises for calling Gordon Brown ‘a one-eyed idiot’ I said yesterday that: “Will BBC employees end up being too afraid to say anything remotely controversial just incase the…

Top cuts

Published 29 December 2008

Top Gear budget cuts will be visible, says Jeremy Clarkson’s partner It now seems to be the case that all BBC programming appears to be fair game in the quest…

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