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Talented television

Published 30 July 2023

Thames: a talent for television we still miss

Back in time for TV: 1987

Published 31 August 2020

H E Cooper takes her time machine back to 1987 to find out what was on the telly…

Sun Hill Saved

Published 17 October 2010

Since The Bill ended earlier this year, it’s studios in South West London have been rather quiet, as I wrote about in my recent article, The Bill Stops Here.

The Bill stops here

Published 11 October 2010

Andrew Bowden notices it’s very strange to be living in Sun Hill

Fitting the bill

Published 23 January 2009

The Bill cut to once a week Although the motive for trimming back ITV1’s The Bill to a once a week, post-watershed slot is mainly financial (drama in particular being…

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